Well stated.

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This is INCREDIBLY helpful. Thank you for writing it!

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Just devastedbwith this gender ideology. Kids dibt even know what is to be true trans.

If they are non binary then why they convert themselves to fall in the other binary women or men.. be a separate species ither than men and women binary system. No need to drug yourself to become the other gender and conform to binary again.. colossal confusion of the ideology...

Good queation if gender ideology is social construct, no need to alter sex organs. Who will make these stupid kids realise and stop when the whole stupid psychology system is altered . O alsonread thisbis all part of organized eugenics in play

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This point needs to be emphasized more and I'm so glad to see you bring it up. If I can be a woman with a dick, then why the rush to remove it? It makes no sense at all.

Once you see that transgenderism is not about identity but is instead about perception ("I identify as X, therefore you have an obligation to see me as X"), it helps make a LOT more sense out of transgender ideology.

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Thanks for your link to Dr. Stephen Levine's testimony from the "traditional psychology" point of view. I'm getting a lot out of it.

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Thank you! This tutorial is top notch!

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To answer that first question....

Leftists designed this as a form of post-birth ‘abortion’ to prevent the next generation. If they can't kill you in the womb, they will kill your ability to reproduce!

All that really happens is the kids and adults become spayed or neutered, then they will find it very difficult to find any kind of Life Partner. Their rates of SUICIDE are greatly increased! It is gendercide! No longer male or female! You become a castrated eunuch!

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Perhaps the irrational, incoherent primal scream chaotic bullshit is the point.

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God created male and female. Every cell in your body is either XX or XY. Men cannot "become" women any more than white people can "become" black people. Young people cannot "become" old and receive social security benefits. Old people cannot "become" young and pay the child's admission price. These are all simple truths.

People can have 'gender dysphoria". It is a mental condition I am bipolar; it is a mental condition. I choose the word "condition" over illness because I have learned to overcome many of the symptoms of bipolar.

I am a catholic which means that I believe Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior, and the bible is the Word of God. God loves people, AND GOD HATES SIN. Sin is a behavior. My bipolar is not my choice, but my behavior is, Gender Dysphoria is not a choice, but behavior is.

Asking me to celebrate someone else's sinful behavior is immoral because it forces me to reject God.

We can love the sinner and hate the sin, but we must not celebrate or condone the sin.

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"Anyone who is gender non-conforming is trans. Like tomboys. Or, you know, nuns."

This has got to be one of the funniest lines I've heard recently on this subject. Thanks for the levity; laughter beats anger sometimes.

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Language is a powerful thing. A lot of ground was given up at the outset when people accepted the trans women terminology. The logical and bias free name should have been cross gender men ie men performing a socially constructed gender role of the opposite sex. That would have also implicitly acknowledged the fact that sex is binary and you cannot change it.

Once you allow language to be corrupted it’s an uphill battle to regain ground.

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"How do you get people to listen to you?"

Some people are listening to me bc it was my 55 yr old transgender friend who started sending me articles about the social contagion aspect of today's transgender mvmt.

She and her transgender friends call it a cult and its members are "wearing black face" and they're both offended and deeply concerned for families.

I think it would be strategic for older generation of trans people to join forces with Genspect.

Because, remember, the first rule of identity politics is that the only valid opinions are from members of the victimized group themselves.

And in this cult, even detransitioners are excluded from having valid opinions 🤣

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See also modern gnosticism and the history of Hermeticism (magic). "Nonbinary" is alchemy, "trans __ are __" is a gnostic faith statement.

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I understand those lists. They are helpful for someone searching for answers. There is a 4th school. An I don't play those bullshit games school. Gender was how you mark male/female on forms. I refuse to discuss this or play along. I have a family member captured and my boys won't be if I can help it. My response to this (to help them speak up and not get captured) is zero participation in this nonsense.

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I don't usually comment with links, but this also arrived today. Pairs well.


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Oct 23, 2023·edited Oct 23, 2023

I was up in the wee hours with heartache. My 31 year old son, "true trans", is staying in my home with his biological female "queer/non-binary" long term girlfriend. I call her she, rather than they/them. My son doesn't correct me. I avoid pronouns for him- he is afflicted & fragile. Girlfriend makes a point of unnecessarily referring to my son as she, and corrects any family member who happens to slip- or outwardly objects. He had a suicidal episode early this year. The reason given by him was, "you won't help me transition". Indeed, beloved firstborn, and only son, because I love you unconditionally, and will not aid in your destruction. He has every marker in the "traditional psych" school of thought. But will only seek "gender affirming care".

(I realize I am "lucky" not to be estranged, but this is literally too close to home- my adrenals are weak & I'm physically not ok)

Thank you for being here this mourning. And to all the mothers, fathers, sisters & brothers, I feel your unbearable & unacknowledged pain.

Always praying ♡♡♡

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