I’m dismayed that YouTube has silenced Kellie-Jay recently - taking her free speech and censoring her!! I tried to find her usual videos the other day but newer ones couldn’t be found! All due to TRA’s ridiculous demands I think. I’m outraged by this! I think KJK is amazing! And I think she’s fueled by criticism - so she just gets stronger and stronger!

On your LWS experience - I’m so glad you were able to share your thoughts and meet Kellie-Jay! I wanted to go to one of the LWS events in DC and Loudoun County, being in central Virginia (I was born in DC, raised in Arlington, VA) but was unfortunately too ill those days.

Next time I hopefully will get there.

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I too am SO inspired by Kellie-Jay.

Until recently I too was silent out of fear of alienating my son further. After more than 3 years with no contact, I have realized that I have nothing to lose since I’ve already lost the most important thing....my beautiful wonderful son to this idealogical cult.

I now speak the truth!

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While watching videos of angry mobs spitting on and physically attacking women like Kellie Jay, Riley Gaines and JK Rowling for speaking THEIR truth I am truly shocked at the INTOLERANCE of these people to accept any other position than their own. Intolerant Mob violence somehow seems justified in their minds while they preach and expect tolerance for their agenda from everyone else. Sickening.

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I agree wholeheartedly: Kellie Jay is the best. She and her videos and streaming sessions have given me hope and strength these past four years. I don't know why it has taken so long for the "TERF" movement to gather steam, but finally it is happening, and in large part that's thanks to Kellie Jay Keen. I'm a little envious that you got to meet her!

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Laughing and crying at the same time. Your reference to “Women face” is so apt. Female characteristics being co-opted and fetishized as entertainment. And also being politically co-opted into a movement that has nothing to do with being female.

In 2023, we seem to get that “Black face” is objectionable so perhaps the same will happen with “women face”.

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Brilliant. Thank you so much for sharing. It's always easier to say nothing. We don't like confrontation. We don't like breaking the peace. It's always hard to stand with truth when lies are where the money is. But then, to use Christianity as an allegory, Satan is the Prince of Lies and promises the world to you; Jesus said I'm the Truth and they ended up doing away with him. End of story? The liars and money-men won? No. The one who called himself the Truth couldn't be held down because there was no untruth in him: he rose, victorious and calls everyone who values Truth to follow that Way.

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The only reason there are TERFS is because there are TIEFS ( Trans Imposters Erasing Female Shamelessly).

We, born women, didn't start the war.

It came to us. We were forcefully pushed into it.

We are only fighting back for our right to exist, to not be erased and silenced, in the arts, sports, politics ,the market place and everywhere real women should have a voice and their own space.

And we are winning.

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It's not only women's voices. Gender theory is objectively false. Falsity inevitably leads to collision with reality. Women's spaces was the first casualty. But the medicalisation of teens affects all equally.

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May 29, 2023·edited May 30, 2023

I am glad you found your voice and that you were able to meet Kellie. I watched her video months ago of the day you were there in Los Angeles on Hollywood Blvd. and she is a power house! She is so encouraging and helps to empower all women. It’s sad that we have to fight for our rights (again) because of this trans-cult but I am willing to fight and I am not alone. I love your term “sex clowns” and will be using it. Thank you for sharing. I am woman hear me ROAR!

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And at the end of the first Women's March in DC in 2017, my BFF and I ducked into a bar on Connecticut Ave and were very luck to find 2 empty seats next to what we realized was a male identifying as a female. We had a pleasant conversation and this person confirmed that they had indeed marched with us and also pointed out proudly that he had marched in the 1995 Million Man March. It was only 18 months later that my beautiful daughter identified as a male.....Funny - not funny - how the omen was right in front of me.....

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Thank you for your post. This is so helpful for other women who have been on the sidelines, fearful, and unknowing. I was there in San Francisco at the Drag Queen Halloween children's Pumpkin carving contest, too.

It brings me so much joy to see us women and parents sharing our testimonies and showing the world that this cult is trying to indoctrinate our society into believing that it is medically necessary to treat feelings of dissatisfaction with the sex they were born with.

Little do people know or sadley care about the what this ideology is doing to our children.

The more we ALL TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY ON A DAILY basis to inform others that this medicalization causes arrested development; and permanent negative physical consequences to these children's bodies for the rest of their lives.

So please keep writing, keep telling people even if only one person at a time, until all the details are revealed to folks that are not personally involved.

SImilar to the historical (1940-1970s) frontal lobotomies; the unauthorized hysterectomies of brown and black women; the theft of Henrietta Lacks cancer cells; and currently the 2500 double mastectomies of teenagers at 450 Sutter Street in SF.;

Inform everyone you know about the tuck (for TRANS (sic)) aspects of baby and children clothes at Target stores. The OUTRAGE must be palpable. It is our job as the informed to INFORM others.

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May 29, 2023·edited May 29, 2023

Wow. Your article is inspiring and your direct words so refreshing! What you describe about the protests is scarry stuff. I had some dreams last fall about exactly the kind of aggression at peaceful protests, you describe. It seems to be a kind of violent "showing off" reminiscent of "flashers" of the past. How is dialogue even possible with such individuals?

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The only thing with which I have a bit of an issue is that Kellie -Jay accepts the derogatory term “. TERF”. It’s like giving in to the trans cult and accepting their demeaning language that they have made up to denigrate the rest of society. The language of their authoritarian ideology is one I shall never accept or use ( “ transphobe”, “ cis” , etc”) .

Just as I would never accept the Nazi term “Judensau “ for a Jewish woman.

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You were and are brilliant!

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I never considered myself a feminist either, but now women have to fight for our rights all over again, and this time it’s not a tame fight! These “ trans-women” are out for blood .. literally!

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A few observations based on this article:

The murderous violence directed at the women demonstrators is enabled because the police, an arm of the government, has been instructed to look the other way. Optics are everything, and women who protest trans policies are the villains, apparently, so we are not protected; we get what we deserve.

Similarly, the violence occurring inside women's prisons is the direct result of government policies that redefine women as "anyone who identifies as a women," thereby privileging sociopathic male sex offenders, murderers and rapists over the safety and dignity of incarcerated women.

Similarly, when states like Texas pass laws protecting the bodies of children from medicalized harms, the liberal media labels it transphobic, and blames "conservatives." So, when Texas Democrat Rep. Shawn Thierry voted her conscience and respected her constituents' wishes by voting for the bill, she was vilified as a traitor.

Much to my chagrin, as a lifelong Democrat, I can't ignore the fact that it's a Democratic administration that's in charge of these policies. It's time to put away partisan politics and the demonization of one party by the other (in both directions) and focus on the principles in front of us. I'm paying close attention to how the partisan winds are blowing. Rep. Thierry's bravery demonstrates that it's possible for intelligent elected officials to rise above ideology. This is where we need to go.

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