I'm struck by how readily young people are taking all sorts of medications. Remember when kids hated swallowing pills and getting shots? It seems like we've become so comfortable with pill popping in the last couple of decades. Is anyone following or researching this as a parallel?

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Sometimes you need tough love. That may not be a popular idea but this is not all love and light. This is a serious issue with a potentially catastrophic outcome for your son if he takes the medicalized and/or surgical path. Very raw & honest discussion including photos of what surgical interventions actually look like and what they entail may not be welcomed by your son but if he is part of this mass psychosis your voice may ring in the back of his mind when he is being encouraged (pressured) to make the transition more permanent with body alterations, etc. Those who take the medicalized/surgical path often want to detransition 7-10 years later (often 5 years for girls). The risk of suicide is high during that period as the enormity of the what the detransitioner has done to their body and their life sinks in. My opinion only, but you need to risk estrangement and intervene.

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Found another great resource on the orgins if the transgender/genderfluid movement: Gender Trouble by Judith Butler.

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Hugs to you! Love does always win! I too have a kind, sweet, brilliant young man who is about to turn 18. It is scary and uncertain, but we need to hold o to the light. Thank you for sharing your story.

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Your story is full of love and hope for your son and I pray he finds his way back to you… when I first started reading your story I wondered if this was written by my family member about her 18 year old son. Such a similar sad and painful story. We must continue to support each other through this gender-maze - you are not alone! The word is getting out and the lies are being exposed… do not give up your hope. May God help us all and protect our children, may He return our children back to us and free them from this ideology slavery.

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My son is almost 18. We won't allow medicalization in the house. We are able to draw that line in the sand without alienating the relationship. If he wants to do that stuff, he can pay his own way and pay for it himself.

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Sending you lots of love and best wishes for your extraordinarily difficult path. It sounds like you are doing absolutely the best you can in the situation you are presented with.

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My son sounds a lot like yours. 17 now. He told us of his trans identity in May. Very smart/gifted. Sweet and a bit shy until he gets comfortable with his surroundings. Covid kept him in his room and we felt being on the computer was his only real socialization. We had no idea. He has only come out to his online class community and us (immediate family) At least that I am aware of. We are hoping this will pass in time. Keeping positive, as best as we can.

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I send you love and sympathy. You sound like a parent who has really thought about the welfare of your obviously much loved child. Can I also suggest that you try to do some “grass-touching” and “rose-smelling” activities together? ie: get outside and be embodied in the natural world. The screen, and the vast and ever-expanding universes to be accessed online are nothing compared to real-life experience and connection to another living, breathing human being. My feeling about these sensitive, autism-spectrum young men is that the gender community offers them a sense of finally being acceptable, special and even admired. And they can become that cute, somewhat nerdy and shy little uwu girl or female anime avatar. But avatars are not real, and hopefully he will sooner, rather than later, come to that realisation. I wish him, and you, the best of luck.

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Sorry, my message escaped... I want to add that you do indeed want to keep the communication channels open. So that you can leave the trail of bread crumbs, so that they will always know where to come back to. A soft landing, a safe place, where a welcoming embrace that will forgive all, no judgement passed, and a "glad to have you back" whispered into the ear that finally will understand all the concern you had for them in the first place.

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Your story is so similar to ours. Except that our son began identifying as transgender soon after he started college. He was also given Estradiol and Spironolactone by the so-called doctors at GeorgiaTech, after one visit and without a proper medical evaluation. Our son has been severely damaged by the hormones, both physically and emotionally. However, after four very long years, I am starting to see changes in him that lead me to believe he may be slowly turning around. He communicates often and even comes to visit on occasion. I pray that he's gradually finding his way back and detransitions soon. We love him unconditionally and tell him so every day via phone or text. Continue doing what you're doing and, hopefully, with patience, understanding and a lot of love all our children will be back and thriving! My heart breaks for you and all the parents who are unfortunately going through this.

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DETRANS AWARENESS DAY prompts young people to share frightful gender de-transition stories.

Though it received absolutely zero attention from the zealously pro-trans establishment media, Saturday, March 12th, marked Detrans Awareness Day, a holiday of sorts for those who’ve suffered tangible harm because of radical trans ideology.

The purpose of the holiday is to provide those who’ve detransitioned from being transgender an opportunity to share their experiences. Their stories matter both because they matter as people, and because their stories serve as a necessary counterweight to the propaganda pushed by pro-trans activists, including those in the press.

The fact is that detransioners are far more common than activists, including those in the media, care to admit. The establishment media in particular are so invested in trans ideology that in 2019, NBC News ran a report encouraging the media to mostly avoid covering the detransitioning “narrative” because it makes detransitioning “seem more common than it is.”

Yet the spate of stories that flooded Twitter on #DetransAwarenessDay suggest detransitioning is indeed “more common” than they’d have one believe.

One story came from a woman Twitter-named Helena, who described how her school had “encouraged” her to get “sucked into gender ideology.” This led to her eventually being “prescribed a very high dose of testosterone at 18.”

The treatment wound up being “very damaging.” She eventually detransitioned back into a woman, though it was no easy ordeal.


There are over 36,000 people on this detransition site. https://www.reddit.com/r/detrans/

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Thanks so much for sharing. You know your son better than anyone and how to deal with him. I told my son I will not pay for college or anything else if he does this. How is your son affording the treatments? Transgender treatments is one of the biggest atrocities in the world right now. Perhaps you should send your heartfelt article to the doctors, the college, and even your son? Again, you know what it is right. But we have let these kids control way too much. They need help -- and they get the opposite.

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It is so true that the young men are tragically overlooked, and that most of the current attention is being focused on the young women, I think because it's only the girls/women who have studied and there's more actual info. The reason that the boys get involved in this ideology/medicalization are just as complex, and while some of the reasons overlap with the girls/women's reasons, some are different, play out differently, and are perceived very differently. As an LGB activist I am just as committed to finding out about, and talking about, the boys, both LGB and straight. Some of these kids don't even know their sexuality yet. We need to protect ALL kids from this. It's so hard to get info. I am so glad the moms are informing us.

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Another point about the trannie madness - when these deluded kids transition and become a person in the "other team", who is there to have a relationship with? The number of persons in our society, or really any society, who want a trannie partner is very small. Those who become trannies are mostly without any kind of romantic partner of any sort.

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