I'm not sure that putting the blame on the girl is the right frame of mind to be in, here. Remember she's been just as lied to by society as a whole as your son has. I hope you guys get this worked out very soon.

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Ignore the crazy people. Your son is lucky he has a family who cares about him, and I hope he's doing better.

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Boy sex stereotypes, objectifies and dehumanizes girls for his own benefit. It's all girl's fault. Nope.

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Feb 17, 2022·edited Feb 17, 2022

>actually believes in friendzoning

>allows son to do things like public flower-giving when not already in a relationship, a well known tactic of narcissists attempting to leverage public social pressure to coerce her into accepting

>son literally fakes being a minority to take advantage of a girl's good nature

>cheerleader, unlike you, does not immediately bend to give him everything he wants and enable his bad behavior

>whose fault it this really?? how can i undone the damage this cheerleader jezebel has done to my precious darling???

lady, the fault is YOURS. you raised a terrible person and you did so because you're not a good person.

edit: there's nothing stopping your son from getting a girl after turning himself into an interesting, fun, active and good (not "nice", a qualification that ends with "respects the most basic social standards) person that girls would want to date. but how could your perfect little flower pookie those mean cheerleaders won't put out for even if he REALLY wants it not get everything he *deserves*? and of course he deserves everything. he's your little harmless precious proto-predator baby, after all.

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Talk about blaming the victim ... Get your son help. Monitor his phone use. And stop letting him harass innocent teen girls. Bottom line: You're blaming the wrong teenager here.

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Teach your son not to use girls for attention.

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