I wrote an email to my employer (Disney) asking [challenging] them to acknowledge Detransition Awareness Day. You can read it here: https://open.substack.com/pub/flashinggreen/p/does-dei-include-detransitioners?r=2261q&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web

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Just heard about this event (online & in Miami) on the FLCCC (heroic covid docs) webinar ... about the protection of children. https://miamiindependent.com/event/

Connects various tragedies of these times ~

Significant Increase in Child Human Trafficking

Exponential Increase in Youth Deaths from Fentanyl

Alarming Increase in Suicides of Young People

Decrease in Mastery of Basic Academic Skills

Deadly Vaccine mandates

Gender ideology


The plight of those injured by pharma claiming to protect from dysphoria and injured by pharma claiming to protect from disease are similar. Met with gaslighting, disdain, cast out from the cult, as those who listen to them are smeared by the corrupt, captured media. When they unite, it will be a powerful force indeed.

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The dictatorships'in the making is crumbling for the unfortunate bullies. We can give thanks to our democratic structures which have resisted time and challenges of historical proportion.

In other parts of the world democracy doesn't stand a chance.

But we need to remember: those people among us that favour coercion, lies and persecution in a mismanaged attempt to elevate themselves above their peers are about to perpetrate dire damage. They will not give up without destruction

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DETRANS AWARENESS DAY prompts young people to share frightful gender de-transition stories.

Though it received absolutely zero attention from the zealously pro-trans establishment media, Saturday, March 12th, marked Detrans Awareness Day, a holiday of sorts for those who’ve suffered tangible harm because of radical trans ideology.

The purpose of the holiday is to provide those who’ve detransitioned from being transgender an opportunity to share their experiences. Their stories matter both because they matter as people, and because their stories serve as a necessary counterweight to the propaganda pushed by pro-trans activists, including those in the press.

The fact is that detransioners are far more common than activists, including those in the media, care to admit. The establishment media in particular are so invested in trans ideology that in 2019, NBC News ran a report encouraging the media to mostly avoid covering the detransitioning “narrative” because it makes detransitioning “seem more common than it is.”

Yet the spate of stories that flooded Twitter on #DetransAwarenessDay suggests detransitioning is indeed “more common” than they’d have one believe.

One story came from a woman on Twitter, named Helena, who described how her school had “encouraged” her to get “sucked into gender ideology.” This led to her eventually being “prescribed a very high dose of testosterone at 18.”

The treatment wound up being “very damaging.” She eventually detransitioned back into a woman, though it was no easy ordeal.


There are over 36,000 people on this detransition site.


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Exactly what we need to fight this insanity!

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Sage and I thank you for your care and compassion! Keep on fighting the good fight! We stand with you!

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Thank you PITT! You guys are AWESOME!!

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I don't know anyone in my rural area dealing with this. Has anyone managed to find others, organize a support group? Any advice?

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Another suggestion: request that your library purchase Irreversible Damage or another gender critical book. My library did not have a hard copy but purchased one when I requested it.

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Excellent. Thank you so much for this write up. We could also include Chloe's lawsuit, correct?

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This is excellent! I wish that before platforming people who are still actively medicalizing (but who say that kids/others should not do it -- do as I say, not as I do hypocrisy; pied pipers for medicalization), groups would instead give that platform to a detransitioner who bravely is doing what's best for her/his own health and is speaking honestly & truthfully about the physical/mental harms they experience due to medicalization. The bravery and honesty of detransitioners moves us forward.

If anyone is in Southern California, we wil have an action for Detrans Awareness Day! Feel free to contact me on Twitter, FB, Insta for details.

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I will prepare for this as a parent and teacher. Thank you for the guidance and suggestions.

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Imagine being an adult and wanting to hide these stories from other hurting children and their families. How gross is that? It tells me all I need to know about those who are in to this agenda. So evil.

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it can't come soon enough. going to rent those videos now. thank you!

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