am prone to say (more likely think) things like:

“Don't cut off your breasts till someone has touched them."

"Belief doesn't make it real or true."

"Feelings come and go - don't ever make a decision based on a feeling - get facts."

Rest assured - I don't say all of these things to my daughter.

My question is; why not? Why would you not say all of those things to your daughter?

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I’m with you so with you. I so much want to meet woman and other moms who are “Lefugee’s” and who disagree with trans gender identity ideology. I also watched the genspect Denver conference and was grateful to be in the company of what feels like an oasis of sanity. I am have lost my closest friends by working out on this issue --even mildly suggesting that affirmation is not developmental appropriate for children. Immediately I get called a terf and bigot!? Does my 25 years of social justice and empathy based work get discounted am I all of the sudden “uneducated and ignorant?!” I am raging. How to proceed. 1st I now run my own therapy business so I can’t get fired for speaking out 2nd I am going to bat at my progressive independent elementary school where last week they taught a gender and Identity class to my 5th graders class. They told her she could “choose to be a boy, a girl or other/neither.” My ex husband and I went to the school immediately to dance with the administrators about this and the 1st conversation was good but I am pissed off.

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Can you share what you say to the school regarding the gender and identity lesson? I struggle with how to articulate why it is not good for young kids.

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yes agree 100%

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I want to apologize to whomever did like my post about Gallagher being a trans surgeon.. and as being a specific trans person's surgeon.

I made an error with who I was referring to as her patient..

So I deleted the whole comment.. Just an FYI to keep things straight.

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Also, there are numerous studies which include control groups of adolescents with several obesity who did not choose surgery. These studies show that over a ten year period, surgery is associated with significant and sustained improvements in metabolic health. In contrast, to my knowledge, in the trans medical literature, there are zero prospectively enrolled, controlled (e.g. no studies include a parallel control group receiving psychological support and watchful waiting, but no meds or surgeries) longitudinal studies examining safety or efficacy of affirming medical care. The current group of kids going through affirming medical care are in effect in a huge unofficial experiment, but most of their families don't know it.

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I'm a pediatrician as well and want to second your comment. Bariatric surgery in youth is recommended only for adolescents with severe obesity and most have serious medical conditions, like type 2 diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, and or liver disease related to the metabolic dysfunction. It is recommended after implementing lifestyle interventions first and only after a careful psychological assessment to make sure they don't have an eating disorder, body dysmorphia or active mental health issues. It typically takes 6 months to a year to get ready for this major decision and complications and adverse effects are discussed at length.

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I just watched a Chicago Medical show excerpt where the person had body dysmorphic disorder. It is such a contradiction to believe that people with BDD should not have surgery to change their bodies by those whose BDD happens to focus on gender should. I'm so sorry you have to watch your child do this.

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Exactly! None of the medical exceptions for gender dysphoria/the trans medical diagnosis (via self ID nomatter what age or psychological condition)/trans medical procedures, make any logical and reasoned sense. They randomly and blatantly fly in the face of global, evidence based, medical practice.

Which is in itself, evidence that there is a very specific and very powerful Trans agenda.

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The very things that make human beings beautiful and unique is being crushed before our very tearful eyes. We are regressing back to pre-enlightenment days worshipping pagan gods and worse. We must say NO to these terrible ideas, these terrible scientists, these terrible cultures, these terrible leaders, these terrible educators, these terrible doctors, and on and on and on. Join us!

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The most galling thing here is the schools. It is not free school. We pay for it. We pay a LOT for it. We pay our teachers, and the teachers unions ciphon off their pay to fund themselves and their political funds to elect the politicians that will push their agenda from the top while they push it through the classrooms. Our actual children and our country - our beautiful, imperfect country - are being stolen away to be ground up in their quest for a perfect society.

If you haven’t yet, check out James Lindsay’s New Discourses podcast and his book, the Marxification of Education. The right loves him, but he is not of the right; he’s a center-left atheist who says his superpower is “reading the Marxists trying to transform our society and *believing* them.

We pay absurd amounts of money to fund public education because we all give a damn, if not about our own kids, then about having a society not peopled by idiots. But the public schools are making our kids idiots. They are brainwashing and politically programming so that they win the last few elections because the functional unthinkers they have created have no cognitive means to question the agenda.

They’re being taught that nothing about America or capitalism or western society was ever good and it needs to be overthrown. They’re being taught that families are oppression, and not only should they not want to have families or children of their own, and they should “transcend” gender to create a genderless society. They won’t own property, or allow anyone else to. Capitalism is racist, so the only way to end racism is to end capitalism. Our planet won’t survive if we don’t overthrow capitalism. (I can provide links to ALL of these claims).

We need to shrug like Atlas. We need to remove our children from the death cult in our schools. These schools and these cultists quite literally feed on our children. We need to cut the supply.

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So, it seems many of us here have reached some sort of acceptance regarding our lost children and the fact that we’re mostly powerless to help them or bring them back….me too. But PLEASE, don’t give up and throw your hands up! I know it’s painful, but we CAN end this and spare any future children from being captured by this insanity. I also have a 5 year old granddaughter and I think of her future if this is allowed to continue.

Our collective voices can bring enormous pressure to the medical profession, big pharma, politicians, the media and academia.

Please don’t be silent! Right here, we’re just preaching to the choir, our very own echo chamber!

Be brave, stick your neck out and speak the truth! Let the Lion loose!!

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The truth is now packaged as hate, got to hand it to the cults propoganda machine and it's useful idiots.

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Sociologists and history of medicine scholars in the future will look back in wonder and horror at what we are doing now to our young people. Transgenderism is no more than a self-harming cult and health professionals pushing, facilitating, and condoning these "treatments" will be pilloried as they should be. https://lucyleader.substack.com/p/looking-back-from-the-future

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At one time, not that long ago, lobotomy was considered the cutting edge of science and psychiatric care. When will this nonsense hit the wall? Sadly, not soon enough to stop the damage.

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You made some excellent points! Keep up the good work Momma Bear! We all need to find the Momma Bear or Poppa Bear in us to fight this crazy evil cult. I have a good friend who had a double mastectomy several years ago because of cancer and she was so open and honest about the whole procedure... so how can these young girls, teens, young adults even cope with the recovery? The oozing, dripping, bandages, pain, scars, etc. My dear friend was in her early 50's, has been married 30 years, has two grown sons and it was still very difficult for all of them to see their mother/wife go through this surgery. She did the surgery to save her life, to prolong her time on this earth for the people she loves, and to beat the evil cancer. How can surgeons and nurses possibly prepare a young girl, teen or woman for this type of surgery who does not have cancer but BELIEVES this is what they need? They can't. There is no cheering section after the surgery, no applause, no hope. It breaks my heart every time I hear a podcast or read an article about a young woman who detransitioned, only too late - the mastectomy has already happened. The truth. Indeed.

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How can they? Easy, really: follow the money.

A prominent mutilating butcher in Florida goes so far as to use a "comical name" for the procedure: "yeating the teets". This attempt at substituting a "comical name" is obviously a shield for the actual fact that she (the surgeon is a female) mutilates children, and is unwilling to say "mastectomy" or "cut off the tits". When someone uses a disguised name, that person is clearly aware that what they are doing is wrong and evil.

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Nov 28, 2023·edited Nov 28, 2023

After doing some research, I don't see a whole lot of actual female Dr.s who are in the biz of transing people. The head of MT Sinai in NYC, ie) is also a trans women.

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Dr Gallagher. She is one of the worst, i think. She looks like a sociopath. I am convinced that she has some very serious issues and just hates girls/young women. I don't think it's just greed in her case.

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Does anyone know if she is a trans female ?

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she is not.

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I don't know for sure but she doesn't look trans. I think she is just a nasty woman.

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Thank you. I hope you do as well. I still plan to send a couple small, meaningful Christmas gifts, but that's it. I never hear how she likes anything we send anyway- it's more for me, really, because I still love her. Prayers for you and your family!

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Terrific that you could attend virtually the Genspect Conference … I hope we can later get a report about all that was presented and discussed.

In my estimation, the reversal of the transgender social contagion is going to be accomplished by persuading more folks with political and demographic backgrounds similar to yours that the phenomenon is insidiously destructive of the very principles they advocate.

The kinds of arguments utilized by Richard Dawkins (Why Biological Sex Matters; New Statesman, July 26, 2023) and in the books by Kara Dansky (The Abolition of Sex: How the “Transgender” Agenda Harms Women and Girls; 2022) and Debra Soh (The End of Gender: Debunking the Myths About Sex and Identity in Our Society; 2020) are going be fundamental in turning the tide with those in the center and on the left who have gotten caught-up in the transgender fad.

It is, therefore, regrettable in my opinion, that you are castigated by a few individuals here who seem determined to make opposing transgenderism a part of the tribal political and religious divisions that are currently plaguing our republic. If this struggle descends into a dogmatic partisan and religious “blame game” then it will take even longer to assign this destructive and misguided ideology to the proverbial trash bin of history.

My appeal is to be ecumenical and inclusive of everyone who is on the side of rejecting transgenderism -- irrespective of their particular religious or political bent.

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So true, if we are going to beat this we need sane people on both sides of politics to stand together.

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Saturday night, our family settled down with much excitement to watch the latest Dr Who special. Our young adult son is an avid sci-fi fan--Dr Who in particular.

So you can image our shock and disgust when the entire special turned out to be an advertisement for the transgenderist lobby.

We've seen this in almost all of our favorite British and Australian mystery shows: one episode as an advertisement for the transgenderist lobby. We can only assume that large amounts of money are being spent to try to normalize this lobby to the viewers of British and Australian mysteries.

We usually simply skip that episode. But this time, it was a special for a show we've all shared and enjoyed for years. So we sat through it.

I spent the entire time speaking over the characters, as they gushed over their teenage son: "Save her! Protect her! Take care of her!" As though they would not have loved him as much if he'd acknowledged he was male: "Save him! Protect him! Take care of him!"

The grandmother even gushed, "You're gorgeous!" and then said to the mother, "Is that sexist? I never said that before. . ."

YES. IT IS SEXIST, YOU FREAK. He was obviously *exactly* as gorgeous as a male as he was pretending to be female. Good grief.

No wonder teenage boys and young men want to pretend to be girls and women, if they're being told--online, in school, and in the media they consume--that's the only way their friends (and families) will adore them or protect them!

I raised my son with the same tenderness and affection I would have used if he'd been a daughter. So there I was, with my arms around him, saying loudly, "Save him! Protect him! Take care of him!"

Afterward, I also had to make a point of explaining the intense deceptiveness of the show, in portraying the family of that teenage boy as perfectly happy to pretend he was suddenly a teenage girl.

It was all so manipulatively done.

They'd found a young male actor (undoubtedly a trans-identifying male) with small hands for a male, so they'd simply look like large hands for a female. They disguised his adam's apple, although it was still visible. They kept his feet out of sight. They put him in a short dress and had him run with an exaggerated awkward "girlishness." And they had him speak in the highest, flutteriest voice he could manage.

So anyone watching might very easily see this teenage boy as a teenage girl. Except that there was nothing they could do about his massive neck.

And anyone watching--without thinking it through--would assume this is how a normal loving family reacts to their teenager joining this dangerous cult.

My husband pointed out that the entire show was propaganda.

I explained to my son how dishonest it is to portray parents and a grandmother as fine with their beloved son and grandson taking wrong-sex hormones and even having his genitals cut off--that's like them saying, "Of course we're happy he's become a heroin addict! How dare you suggest otherwise!"

I cited PITT stories to him, of real families in real life. At first he said, "Well, some families might be fine with it--" (because propaganda works). So I reminded him that NO normal, loving families are fine with a teenager poisoning and butchering their body.

If they're fine with it, they are NOT NORMAL.

This is not a harmless identity, like realizing you're gay. This is an extreme self-harm cult that leads to intense lifelong medicalization, medically-induced suffering, and shortened lifespans.

My son was--when he first learned about it--sympathetic to the transgenderist lobby. Until I sat him down and explained exactly what it is and what a horror-show it's become for the loving families of the young people sucked into it.

So now he understands.

Suffice it to say, he was disgusted with the show and has announced he will not watch Dr. Who anymore.

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