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Thank you for this statement- "We are relying on other parents to help us there." I've been wondering about even being here as a not personally affected person. I became highly alert when the first kid trans stories I read 5-6 yrs ago all featured adoptees. The first three stories I read in papers, from different US locations across the country (I worked at a library) were about adopted kids! And they were celebratory. My kids are adopted, but I could think of no reason that should affect their sexuality, and nothing to celebrate, so I started searching. I soon found adoptees are 8× more likely to transition than the general population. Then I found the link to ADHD as well and realized my kids were in the crosshairs. I've been hyper vigilant for so long, selecting schools, vetting books and TV shows, nixing Netflix. Its been exhausting. I want my life back. I want my kids to be safe from all of this! I've started speaking out and it is for you. But also for me. They've run my agenda for too long

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