The fact that Europe seems to be leading the way in shutting down or drawing back on trans crapola is a good sign; it means it'll eventually make its way across The Drink. Remember, Europe had to eliminate slavery first; we finally got dragged kicking and screaming toward it. It's heartening that these studies are in still-respectable medical journals; the transnazis can slow down the trans crazy train critiques, but they can't stop it. The truth always comes out. My guess is the liberal media is, at the moment, having quiet meetings about the WPATH Files and how they're going spin it to make themselves look blameless or at least minimize their culpability when they finally get around to addressing it.

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Fully half of all adolescents who are born female but instead, “self-identify” as male will attempt suicide. The rate of attempted suicide among those born male but “self-identifying” as female was 30%. Over 40% of adolescents who “identify” as gender nonconforming that is neither male nor female attempted suicide.

Leftists have passed Laws to legally prevent people from getting the help they most desperately NEED, even if they themselves desperately WANT it! They ban the ability of individuals to receive counseling or therapy to avoid unwanted feelings of same-sex attraction. Anyone rendering assistance violates that Law. Leftists could not care less about the 42% suicide rate!

It should be noted that Sweden is one of the most “trans-friendly” cultures in the world, and has been for a very long time, making these numbers even more alarming.

“There are other studies, all ignored by the ‘gender changing’ advocates. Studies from Sweden, Denmark, and also a 2013 study showing 90% of transgenders have mental disorders consisting of depression and anxiety–known causes of suicide. These studies provide irrefutable evidence that transgenders overwhelmingly suffer from untreated mental disorders. Gender surgery is not the required treatment for depression and anxiety or other transgender mental disorders.”

“The Swedish study concludes: ‘Persons with transsexualism, after sex reassignment, have considerably higher risks for mortality, suicidal behavior.’”

“The Dutch study results state in 270 (75%) of these 359 patients, cross-gender identification was interpreted as an epiphenomenon of other psychiatric illnesses, notably personality, mood, dissociative, and psychotic disorders. Major mood disorders, dissociative disorders, and psychotic disorders reported in 79% of transgenders.” This should be alarming.

“The 2013 study results suggest there is a need for practitioners to focus on interventions in helping transgenders with coping skills (adaption in the world) to improve mental health for transgender individuals.

“But if the professionals who treat transgenders remain unwilling to ‘come out’ about the mental disorders nothing will change in their diagnosis or treatment. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. They’ve got the insanity going on.”

Lost in all this outrage-generating, ‘politically correct’ insanity is that actual people are suffering from our collective trip down the gender-identity rabbit hole. Sex/gender is not “assigned” at birth; it is determined by the DNA of the newly created life at conception. And if every cell in a person’s body carries the XY chromosome, then that person is male, or XX chromosome always equals female, and indulging the fiction that a male can become a female or vice versa, is exceedingly cruel and harmful.

Transgenders (those suffering from the so-called ‘gender dysphoria’) have a suicide-attempt rate of more than 40% over their lifetimes (even post-surgery), as compared to less than 5% for the general population. Treating their disorder as being ‘normal’, and even worthy of celebration, is making the problem worse.

Those suffering from ‘gender dysphoria’ should be treated kindly and aided in getting the mental health treatment they need so that their minds are not constantly at war with their bodies. To do otherwise — is to value an ideology more than life.

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