When my daughter was 4 years old I began to teach her about mind control also known as brainwashing. I did so because once she was attending public school, immediately I could see how she was being influenced.

I had already begun to limit and oversee what she was viewing in terms of TV and movies but now that she was socializing and going to public school (preschool at that time) and I couldn’t be there to make sure she wasn’t being exposed to ideas that I wouldn’t expose her to I felt it was time to act. I realized I needed to start assisting her to develop discernment and to better understand her mind and thought processes. To understand the difference between your own thoughts and what is being suggested to you.

Mind control is a topic I’ve been aware of and studied avidly since my teens in the 80’s. At age 14 I could see it happening. Advertising being just the tip of the iceberg. It goes much farther than simply manipulating people emotionally to get them to buy a product, and thankfully I somehow realized it. I often felt insulted by TV commercials as a kid. “Do they really think I am that stupid to not see what they’re doing?“ I would often think. Commercials made me angry.

I went to my parents and said to them “we are all being brainwashed through the TV, movies, music and even the ‘choices’ at stores which are made for us regarding the options made available” to paraphrase. My parents just rolled their eyes. It was a big deal to me and still is.

Throughout my life since, I’ve gotten better and better at seeing subtext, hidden messages, the suggestions, the subliminal, the “in between the lines”. But the programming has become such a sophisticated ever evolving science and so insidious, no matter how aware you are of it, you will still find yourself pulled in.

It’s an exhausting task to hold onto one’s mind these days. I am very aware of it and have studied it ongoing, yet I nonetheless get pulled in. I didn’t grow up with devices. I barely even watched TV. Kids these days are extremely vulnerable, more than ever thanks to being plugged in as they are.

Does media mimic reality? Or does media influence and direct narratives which become reality- more so? People watch and they believe. Boy do they.

Now we have internet and all that comes with it.

I emphasized to my daughter that what she sees on TV or in whatever media- is not real. Movies are not real. None of it is real. Even so called reality shows are not real. We are watching enactments, a scripted scenario. When we watch stories portrayed on TV on the internet etc., there is constantly the suggestion that these stories are based in a reality. The reality of “this is how humans behave” and this is “how things are”. It gets confusingly confirmed because truth is used in the process.

What is enacted often does mimic what many have likely experienced in reality. Reality is exploited in the process. Though nonetheless none of it is real. What is real is you sitting their watching and processing what you are watching.

I had already noticed prior to being a mom that many tv shows and movies directed at young people have the storyline that parents and children are at odds with each other. Parents don’t listen. Parents don’t/can’t understand. Parents are ridiculous. Parents are a bummer. Children can’t talk to their parents. Over and over and over.

In reality there are many challenges for families which are very real of course. This truth and others are exploited in these storylines. But I believe these are worsened even more by the narratives and subtext contained in the “programming”.

I saw this narrative of parents at odds in show after show after show. It’s one of the primary messages hammered into children’s minds from a very young age on up. They develop and grow up with it. By the time they are teens it’s a solidified narrative integrated into consciousness and subsequently it becomes a reality.

I began to point this narrative out to my daughter. I began to teach her how to see the subtext for herself in all media and messaging. What are they saying that they aren’t actually saying outright? What is the subtext? What is being suggested to you?

I think it’s also important to note that in my family honesty is extremely important to us. Honesty and communication. Telling each other the truth and no matter how uncomfortable it may be, is an expression of love. No ‘little’ lies either. A lie is a lie. There’s always an appropriate way to tell the truth. It’s work. Gotta do the work.

Regarding the parents and children at odds narrative I explained to my daughter how what we see in media is not real. The stories are not real. Just because a TV show presents something to us as if “this is how things are” or “this is how people behave” WE do NOT have to live OUR lives according to what these shows present. We have the power to create our lives according to how we want our lives to be. We have each other. We are a lifelong team. We will have challenges requiring us to do the work- all relationships require a lot of work- but we will do it. No matter what, we are a team. I repeated this as she grew. Over and over. I exampled it with her.

Now she is 17 this month. I just hope I’ve done enough. We are all bombarded constantly. It’s getting worse. It’s time to real eyes that we are indeed at war. We are at war for our own minds and bodies. I’m seeing many people who are aware of the programming, it seems more than ever. We do need to assertively teach our children about mind control. We need to teach our children to be able to program themselves- otherwise the world definitely will.

It’s sad that we have to. But this world requires it.

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As a therapist who has seen more than a few ROGD kids in the last few years, my experience is that most of them don’t know or care about sexuality in terms of having sex with another human. It’s not even in their radar. The demographic that I have come into contact with is young teen female falling victim to social contagion or teen/young adult male falling somewhere on autism spectrum and being indoctrinated online.

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Trans Dr Marcie Bowers says kids that go.on puberty blockers never experience orgasm: https://twitter.com/libbyemmons/status/1520807905049694211?s=20&t=LjPae_ldDNBNDyAuymkM9g

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My ROGD kid has never kissed a boy or a girl. I told him to try out what he's got first before undergoing an irreversible surgery to change it. I told him that I've had sex for more guys than he has, and I've never even called myself LGBTQ etc + or whatever it is now. I just experimented and found that I was a very straight man. I hope he can at least try.

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Ironically, it is allowing themselves to have those early fumbling sexual experiences that will guide them on a path to figuring this stuff out. We have to try to get them to develop true in person connections and relationships. Its been so hard with covid and the internet. We learn so much about ourselves along the way when we risk doing that!

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This sums it up very well. It’s taken me a while to figure it all out. All the crazies telling us to accept that they are “born in the wrong body” and affirm their delusions make me so angry. Maybe if it were their child they’d feel differently. Also, maybe if the medical community wasn’t so political and in the pocket of big pharma, these poor kids and their parents would get the truth (true informed consent) and get real care and not be rushed into hormones and surgeries.

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Does it really boil down to this: a small group of powerful men with AGP are driven to turn themselves on, while a large group of ROGD girls are driven to turn themselves off? It looks that way to me. Some clinical research would be illuminating.

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What a sad story. Thank you for sharing.

I too am part of the fumbling snogging generation. I wonder often when confronted with TRA ideology and what it is doing to the next generation, about the old question asked by Lenin: what is to be done?

How on earth can we persuade young folk that despite the pains and intensity of adolescence, the vast majority of us come through it to lead reasonably stable lives. Sure we may look back and think that perhaps we should not have done this or that, but we are alive and kicking! The new generation seems to want to avoid this completely. Worse though is the adults who are enabling this and doing so from within the institutions of state and society that we are supposed to trust to care for us all.

So how do we persuade pubescent teenagers just to get out there into the real world of fumbling and snogging?

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Thanks for writing this. I work with parents all over through Genspect Parent Advocacy and this is the norm. ROGD kids have no experience with sexuality, little understanding of what they are running from, according to all the parents I talk to.

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For many here, the online Quillette has many many many pieces about sex and transgender. There is a 7-part series "When sons become daughters" which talks about the impact of M2F trannie stuff on the kids, the parents, and the family.


The author discusses all kinds of topics. Regrettably, he does not solve the problem.

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Can we recognize this as a unique, asynchronous developmental pathway that isn't all that untypical for a certain type of kid? Of course, this profile is vulnerable to trans ideology, but I truly believe for some it's a "useful" way to avoid some legitimately dangerous aspects of adolescence that this group is just not yet ready for. I discuss this briefly in the piece I published today, "What's Working" and more in depth in "Defining Trans" If we navigate this with care, maybe we can reframe it as temporarily adaptive? Curiosity, compassion, and reframing can help us keep our kids close and maintain faith all will turn out okay.

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Running away from sexuality? Wow, so accurate.

My 36 YO daughter identifies as "lesbian" and "asexual", but, in my opinion, she is really not comfortable with interacting with others. Especially sexually. She never dated in HS, prom, whatever (I didn't either). She didn't date in college except a little, and I doubt any sex occurred. Even when she was in kindergarten, she was timid and frequently teary, a natural bully target due to her inability and unwillingness to defend herself.

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Not only are many of our kids (especially autistic teens) disconnected from their bodies, especially those who spend a lot of time online - but many I think are escaping from the scary worlds of a) sexualisation and b) pregnancy/childbirth - and that's why talking to them about how medical transition might impact on their sexual function or fertility is not concerning to them, or is even, I wonder, seen as an advantage.

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For many girls and boys it's a rejection of sexuality, they're not gay, they are traumatized.

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This post rather unintentionally highlighted for me something I was unaware of, that being that girls and women seem to find or remember the advent of puberty as a terrifying, or at least concerning, time. I didn't really notice this as my female peers were going through this in grade school and I appreciate the candor so I can watch for this in my daughter when it's her time.

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Our children are not in their bodies. They are in their heads. Our schools don't prioritize body based education and learning. We are all afraid of our bodies in this culture. Cultures where they don't don't have this crisis going on. Liberals like myself are justifiably angry about sexual exploitation but our kids have now learned that sex is dangerous. They have not learned how to enjoy their bodies. It's all an intellectual exercise.

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