Thank you for putting into words what my life has become in the last year.

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We will never quit. This is the most devastating part of my life and I have wanted to quit many times but here I am 5 years in, battered and bruised, more tired than I have ever been but still fighting the insanity and hoping my child stays safe and can eventually see through the fog that has clouded his ability to think clearly.

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Heartbreaking to read of other parents' pain.

My pain is different but then, pain is pain.

In time, raw emotions wane

As acceptance grows in the endless lane

of darkness with no end

when a glimmer of light appears at a shallow bend

we follow the light & feel the touch of a loving hand from above

guiding us home to the loving warmth of unending love

and the knowledge that life.........goes on.

steers us

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7 Pm central Time, Time To Pray The prayers in this video were on Point.


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It's nice to find homes for belongings for which you no longer have any use. I gave away prom dresses and other clothing. I kept all of the sweaters I knit and special little girls dresses I made. Not ready to part with them. Legos and other toys will be saved for our grandson (daughter's brother just had first baby last fall). Sold most of her books - she was an extremely avid reader. There are still two big bins of her artwork, awards, trombone music (she was an accomplished musician), and other things. I don't want our son or anyone else to have to go through this stuff after we are gone, so now is the time to finally purge.

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Yes my daughters pain is very real. But I didnt cause it. I was not the root of it. I didnt drop her off at school and say here Sexually abuse my child today.

Do some research into all of the bio and chemical warfare unleashed on us since the end of WWII.

So much petroleum they decided to make pesticides to help farmers. Which led to the Dust Bowl.

They created that problem to find a solution. Just like all the other diseases.

Jonestown, mental warefare MK

Ok now add technology and we have fake toxic foods being sold to us that are illegal in other contries.

Our children were fed lies in school, told to keep it a secret, shown how to access social media and MK all over except we never vollunteered for it.


Research, then come AT ME!

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Unfortunately, I don't have to imagine this. My son was alienated from me by his father years ago. It's a living hell.

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Agreed. But I think it may be as difficult for us to understand what it is like for them. With the intent to truly help them find healing and freedom from their pain. Also made difficult with walls going up.

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I’ve lost my daughter to this. In the last 9 months!! Only nine months. She had never shown signs or any inclinations that she was gay or transgender.

She was a beautiful honour role student with goals and dreams of University and a career.

Now “his” only focus is getting testosterone and a gender change. With failing marks in grade 11 and no plans after becoming a “dude”, hating her body and shutting out anyone who opposes “his” views. I’ve lost my daughter and all the doctors and teachers support this radical and sudden change.

I feel helpless and lost.

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Well said. We can strive to continually affirm our love. And our desire for their best. While not affirming confusion. Sadly it can be difficult with walls being put up.

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Bravo! Well said. I get so angry when non trans parents look at me as a bad mom because I won't affirm. They don't, can't, and never will understand the pain.

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I’d like to suggest a daily prayer at 7pm by all PITT members.

We stop, we pray for a moment- for all of our children, each other & each other’s families.

Spiritual support.

I’m setting a timer/reminder on my phone for anyone who cares to join me.


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Excellent, heartbreakingly accurate post. Yes, resistance is the only way to fight this madness. This is a kind of war. There is no room for the naivety and mindless pseudo-kindness that is enabling this nihilistic quasi religion to cut a swathe of destruction through our formerly rational, enlightenment-based culture.

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I told my daughter that her wish (now in the past, thankfully) to identify as "trans" and change her name was exactly the opposite of something I needed to accept. I turned it around on her and said that it was actually her rejecting me and her entire family and everything that has happened in her life, and that to ask me to go along with this falsehood was not something I would ever do. Accepting kids as trans and affirming their new identities (batshit) is the opposite of what we should do, and we can't allow our kids to expect us to do this. I told her that her insistence on my acceptance of this is akin to her insistence that I too was dead and gone. Should I change my name too, pretend I'm not her mother, only the mother of the dead (named) kid? I mean, what is she saying by rejecting me and everyone else and insisting we all abide by her lying to herself and everyone else? I was suicidal for a bit when everyone around me (my 2 older daughters and several friends) insisted I was wrong and I should accept this. It took some time. I lost some friends. My older daughters eventually saw that what I was saying was correct. So eventually we balanced out. My daughter accepted that what she'd absorbed in social media fiasco was not conducive to her reality. She finally accepted that her mother, having put her foot down, made her choose between her actual life and her pretend life, was maybe looking out for her.

And she slowly found her way back.

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