I’m sure self-id into lifelong opioid scripts would make a lot of people SO HAPPY too. That doesn’t mean it is right.

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This is my problem with Jamie Reed- and before I start, I want to say “better late than never “ just to get it out of the way. While I commend her for speaking out , she seems to have done so only after being given a less than satisfactory review at Washington university. She was in the thick of it, she saw many young girls who may have been lesbians like herself yet she continued to go along with the “party line”?

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“In Gods name this is a crime”

While usually I frown upon those invoking my Father’s name for their human squabbles, I make an exception for this. Father views transgenderism as a crime second only to support of my wayward brother Lucifer.

Rest assured those who support this nonsense will parish in the lake of fire. Transgenderism will be defeated once and for all when I strike the killing blow against the Devil.

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Get their medical licenses pulled

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The female doctor who you describe sounds like a typical idiot. You must not trust people sadly. They have no clue about your circumstances and they don't care. They are constantly watching their own back and get on with life for the pay cheque.

A social worker recently spelt the words them themself they, referring to my child. I looked at her totally unimpressed. They are the criminals, and those who can afford it will sue them at the imminent turn of the tide.

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I m in one of the most liberal states and city in the country.

My good friend has a son "in the arts" in this city and he is straight and is not ostracized.

This may go back to the idea of your child s friend group. Who are they friends with?

It s ironic you mention a straight person being ostracized by trans when that is what they complain about.

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I agree with GramLin... I absolutely did not see the whole trans gender cult ideology coming. My VERY girly girl suddenly didn't feel comfortable in her own (developing) body during middle school when puberty started. Then, I found out later on that she was molested by a kid 2 years older than her, a family friend at the time. I had a feeling something had happened, but never guess it was that. She told me I was not correct and nothing was wrong (but my mom's intuition knew).

In my opinion, her utter discomfort and distress with being looked at differently due to development AND this situation pushed her in towards the trans cult (and it IS a cult). Lots of social contagion at her school that I also found out about quite a bit later as well. She did mention to me in middle school initially that she was gay, to which I told her that I loved her no matter what. Then she said she was bisexual (I told her the same thing, that I love her no matter what). Now in the past year and 1/2 (she is 20 now), she tells me that she is trans. I tell her again, that I love her no matter what, but do not agree with her on the trans identification. I will always love her completely, but I avoid calling her the "new" name whenever possible, avoid call her a "he", but continue to keep communication open. We talk about it, I listen, she somewhat listens to me but is firm in her belief of being trans. I feel like I am stuck in a very bad dream that I cannot wake up from.

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Makes them so happy! “Them” certainly includes all those Hospitals, Clinics, Docs etc picking up their share of a brand new booming $5Billion ‘health care’ business segment.

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My experience is similar, but now my daughter is 20 and I have no say in what she does. She's taking testosterone, much to my dismay, and she's no happier now than she was before. In fact, she seems to be worse: More depressed, more suicidal, etc. Kaiser is complicit in this as they immediately affirmed her and encouraged all of this bullshit. I'm so angry, sad, disgusted, frustrated...

Fortunately, we have a good relationship and talk openly about it. I express my concerns about T, but she dismisses them. I hope she wakes up, but at this point it doesn't seem that it will happen.

My heart goes out to you. Hang in there.

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I hope the author of the article can indulge, that i take the discussion about german doping with testesteron from the older comments up here. I ve watched the short movie about Andreas Krieger. He was born female, dopped without his knowledge with testosterone as a teen. At the age 26 he decided to transition, which took him 3 years. Now he could be a perfect exemple of a transsexual. Based on his appierance, his voice and his acting I would never tell, that he was born female. He is married to a woman and is fully accepted by his wifes family. Nevertheless he doesnt look happy. He articulates crearly, that he regrets, his ability to find his gender identity being stolen by those, who gave him testosterone in teen years. And with that we are at the point, that the doctors, who give testosterone to young females not only appoves wrong desicions right now, but infuence the future, maybe transforming them into the transsexuals.

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I’m curious why the child was in private theory and a parent was not there.

I have an adult trans kid. I get it.

But why are parents not going into minor children sessions?

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Everyone, Step 1:

Instead of complaining here in the comments, we each need to do this:

Please write to all of your local, state, and federal officials about this issue.

Make a list, get all of their addresses, and send those letters. Keep it to one, or half of a page.

Or just one sentence on a postcard.


"Ban all "transgender" drugs and surgeries on minors and adults. (Your name)"


"As a lifelong Democrat, I insist you:

1. Ban all 'transgender' drugs & surgeries on minors and adults. They're child abuse and malpractice, creating lifelong medical patients and an emerging tidal wave of regret. This is a psychological, not medical problem. Instead, provide compasssionate exploratory therapy.

"2. Teach about the existence of loving same-sex couples and households, from preschool onward, just as heterosexuality is part of early education. Do NOT teach the anti-science myth of "transgenderism" in K-8. In high-school, present all sides on the gender-identity debate. Let students debate it, to prepare their critical thinking skills for adulthood in a democracy.

"3. Keep "sex" as a protected characteristic in all laws. Remove "gender," "gender identity," and "sex identity" from protected characteristics. The latter three cancel out and discriminate against the rights of women and girls.

"4. Protect female rights to female-only sports and spaces.




Please provide your own sample one-sentence, or a few sentences letters, below, for us to borrow.

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Oh, they did. They did. We walked out on them.

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Good idea. It was Duke if anyone is interested.

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Our experience exactly, but my daughter unfortunately was 18. It makes me irate that there is not more of a push toward discerning, as you wrote in your letter and which I've heard for the first time: "socially influenced' vs. 'real' trans. I wonder what that ratio is? I bet it's 9/1

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Thanks for sharing your story. I would like to mention, however, that Endocrinologist are just MD's who specialize in Endocrinology. They don't have any added expertise in Human Sexuality, Child Development, or Child Psychiatry. Before all this nonsense, most Pediatric Endocrinologists saw patients with thyroid disorders and diabetes. They initially started messing around with sex hormones and puberty blockers to help boys grow taller (they still do this) or girls stay shorter. They also used hormone blockers for conditions like Precocious Puberty, which could be caused by many things, one of which is a brain tumor. Many of these ruthless clinicians have had no additional training than they did before. They have jumped on to the trans train for one reason only: MONEY. BTW, I am a Psychiatrist, and in medical school I did a month long rotation in a Pediatric Endocrine clinic in a major city. The doctor I worked with back in 2002, when none of this was talked about, was the same doctor showcased in the HBO documentary "Transhood."

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