I am so sorry. No family is immune

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Our daughter was lost to this cult as well. There is little reason to celebrate this “death” in our family, but we can commiserate together and tell other parents when we see the danger signs they missed. Taking definitive “rear-guard action” is our role now. And we can accommodate it better than most because we have lived it.

I stand with you in your pain. You are NOT alone.

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An excellent testimony! We must stand against the abnormality of transitioning kids; no one can change their sex. Puberty is not a disease. Puberty is normal; it's the mental/emotional problems that need counselling like autism, depression, child abuse, rape, etc.

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I love being shamed for not wanting to actually harm my daughter then told to affirm the harm as they demand we pay for the harm then pay to fix it if the child doesn’t die from it or just becomes chronically ill.

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Your mistake is to think that trans support has a majority. It doesn't. Most people think it is insane but have been hoodwinked into thinking the majority of people support it. This false perception leads most people to be silent on the subject to avoid a fictitious mob. The same thing happened with the gay/lesbian movement. The "fake it till you make it" strategy was used for them and is being used for the trans movement.

The silent majority needs to stand up and recognize all these conditions for what they are: mental illness. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, pedophilia, etc. are all forms of mental illness and those experiencing these conditions need help in treating them. Instead, the false majority seeks affirmation for these conditions. They have been successful in affirming gay/ lesbian lifestyles and are now moving on to mainstreaming more extreme perversions like transexuality and pedophilia.

We need to move back to a society in which the only acceptable sexual relationship is between one man and one woman in a committed monogamous fashion. Anything else will always deteriorate into the mess we have now which, if left unchecked, will destroy our society and turn this nation into a third world country. If that happens the only silver lining will be that children who find themselves worried about getting enough to eat every day seldom worry about their sexuality.

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California,among a few other states, now has a law that requires teachers to deceive parents of students who request to be referred to with different pronouns, and to keep from them any other information pertaining to the child’s using the wrong restrooms, locker rooms, etc. Again, all this deceit of parents by their children who have school staff allied with them against their parents is now CA state law.

Something this sick and pervasive calls for much more than elections -- there’s just no voting our way out of this. Get your children home, away from the noxious influence of the state. Eventually they may then come to beat your door down in an effort to seize your kids and take them into custody, but by then you should have plenty of backup in the form of networks of other parents who fight to protect their kids and those of their neighbors.

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6 months ago I walked away from my family for my own sanity.

I can't for the life of me see what is so compelling with this stupidity.

Is it the bullying of women who dare believe in reality?

Is it the mutilation and medicating of vulnerable people?

I just don't get it.

I don't get how concern is taken as hate.

I don't get how the truth is taken as hate.

How is it that anything that goes against the ideology is taken as a personal blow equivalent to actual violence?

How many times do I have to hear what's it got to do with you? Does it affect your life? Look the other way this has nothing to do with you?

Oh it only blew my whole family apart........

Well that's what you deserve as you are obviously a hateful bigot....

I'm not religious but I hope there is a hell and I hope these people find a particularly horrible place in it

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I'm with you also!

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Eugenics indeed. Sinister

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Yes you are absolutely right! I can feel your pain because I’m living it too. You are not alone and together us “normies” will be vindicated when a whole generation of children are sterilised and unable to reproduce. The WEF are forging ahead with this insidious agenda have we learned nothing from WW2. Why is the head of the WEF German?? Just sayin’.

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I'm very sorry and can't imagine the grief you daily face. All of you. But I believe that the deluded are not the majority; they are the loudest and currently have the most power but they are a minority surrounded by a lot of people who suspect the truth but haven't the time/energy/bandwidth/skills to deal with crazy unless it's stomping on their own kids' toes. And that is the way evil often happens.

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My son has an IQ of 153 yet he has still been taken in by the cult. He is scientific and yet he believes this clap trap. He is the definition of 'drinking the Cool Aid'. It's terrifying.

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Your testimony is strong and sad. The trans virus must be stopped; no child is born in the wrong body! Normal puberty is a rite of passage to adulthood but children are being denied that by the trans cult; our kids are being love-bombed, and brainwashed to take dangerous drugs and cut off healthy body parts to disguise themselves as the opposite sex. It is morally wrong; we need to stand against it! Puberty is not a disease but ignoring mental/emotional conditions such as abuse, depression, mental illness etc. is a crime! Sterilizing, mutilating and making children lifetime patients is one of the worst crimes perpetrated against children!

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I might be, but ... I might not be. Which vaccines are you speaking of?

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As a gay atheist of a certain age, I am all too familiar with what you're describing. It's a form of religious persecution, a belief in something that is predominantly an interpretation of Existence with no basis in objective data, often in contradiction to real science. Its doctrines, supported by academia and pseudoscience to make it respectable and therefore irrefutable, form its bulwark against attack as well as its offensive against nonbelievers and heretics as it imposes its dominion/tyranny over human behavior.

Trans rights need to be seen in the context of the entirety of Wokeism, of which it's an inseparable part. We might say, "This madness cannot possibly last," but I'm sure Ancient Romans thought that about Christianity, too. And yet here we are, many centuries later: the Romans are no more, the seat of the Catholic Church in the place of their more enlightened culture that expected an aristocrat to keep lovers of both sexes while in an arranged marriage to a woman.

There's no use counting ironies when it comes to religions, or being shocked by them, but to my point about being gay: The Catholic Church is staffed mostly by homosexuals; the real reason for the celibacy of priests was likely to give gay men a respectable cover and power while they condemned and persecuted homosexuals. Worse, it's generational institutionalized homosexual pedophilia, passed down over the centuries from priest to altar boy, who gets a taste for it and repeats the same, much like parents who abuse their kids were themselves abused.

Why are children involved in the performance of religious rites, which is nothing more than theatrical propaganda in an entertainment venue called a church, complete with a stage and rows for the audience to sit called "pews"? There is only one other religion that uses boys in rituals and in the maintenance of the religions infrastructure: Tibetan Buddhism, where some boys are selected as toddlers because they happened to play with the right objects. They are locked away for a lifetime of celibacy in a monastery, with a lot of homosexual activity. The other monks are usually a family's second sons, the spares of families, handed over as children for indoctrination. If the family is pious enough, sometimes they're the only sons.

When I say "Tibetan Buddhism" does it bring to mind the image of some of the greatest children's rights violations in history? It's merely a version of a Medieval Catholic theocracy. The Dalai Lama, who was recently busted kissing a child on the lips, is/was considered one of the most "spiritual" people on the planet, a living god.

Still, these religions stand, even though you would think they'd be wiped away in the modern era where we know better and we're so vigilant about human rights. There is no basis for any of their beliefs, yet they hold sway over billions of lives and carry on much as always in plain sight.

This is what you're dealing with.

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For as much or little agency you may have as parents to influence you children's lives, imagine what grandparents face when their grandchildren's parents have bought into the ideological fantasy. As grandparents, you have no say whatsoever. And the cost of not acquiescing can be intolerable: being denied a relationship with your own grandchildren, possibly for the rest of your lives. This ideology is tearing families apart.

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