"I have been reading your stories and watching from afar as a sister-in-law appears to be grooming my nephew (who buys a three-year-old boy Disney princess dresses?)."

Could it be that he asks for them? It's not completely unheard of for little kids to desire the toys and other things that are stereotypically associated with the opposite sex.

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As soon as you tell a child "your sex means you can't like this," you're telling that child "if you like this, you must be the opposite sex."

THAT is the crux of the entire transgenderist lie.


So let the three-year-old boy wear princess dresses. Let him wear work boots. Let him wear toy wings and dinosaur costumes, beautiful clothes and dirty clothes. He's three! Three-year-olds don't even LIKE clothes. So let him run around the house without them.

He is not his clothes. He is his body. His body is male. That's the one thing that makes him a boy. And being a male can never, ever, ever change.

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I've heard some people blame "transtrenderism" on parents letting their toddlers play with toys associated with the opposite sex and not enforcing strict gender stereotypes from the day they exit the womb.

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I know.

Conservatives can be very big on shoving genderism down their children's throats.

Then they're horrified when their children embrace genderism as identity.


Homophobia is also a conservative value and a lynch-pin of the transgenderist lobby. "Transing the gay away" accounts for two-thirds of the children being put through this mill of butchery: LGB kids struggling with homophobia--often in their own parents.

Look at the family of Kai, one of the most famous abused children today, whose parents were so appalled at the idea he might be gay that they beat him "hard" (his mother says) for playing with "effeminate" toys and then destroyed his healthy little body, just so they could have what they thought of as a "heterosexual" child.

Look at the Tavistock Centre, where they saw so much homophobia among the families that came to them that they joked, "Soon there will be no more gay kids."

Look at Iran, where the LGB are given the choice: transgenderism or death.

WHY are the people of liberal democracies so willing to force this nightmare choice on their own gay kids?

Even among native peoples of North America, the cultures with the greatest rigidity and sexism were the ones that needed a separate gender category for gay men (gay women, of course, were stuck with all the other women): https://culturallyboundgender.wordpress.com/2013/03/09/toward-an-end-to-appropriation-of-indigenous-two-spirit-people-in-trans-politics-the-relationship-between-third-gender-roles-and-patriarchy/.

Gender is a conservative value. It always has been.

ENDING gender is a liberal value. It always has been.

That was the whole point of the 1960s: the end of gender! freeing each person to love whomever or whatever they love, without fear that it makes them any less of a girl or boy, a woman or man! David Bowie, Annie Lennox, Grace Jones, Boy George, Prince--they were ALL what we called gender-benders, exploring ways to end gender.

Meanwhile, conservative men were busy obsessing over the idea that liking "effeminate" things actually made them women: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BkIQTu7BV2nifZ3sbSFpS7spWb9od3YU/view

Is anyone surprised that one of the biggest financers of the transgenderist lobby is James Pritzker, longtime Republican donor and Trumpster multimillionaire, who spent his entire career climbing the ladder in one of the most macho fields in existence: the military? https://www.the11thhourblog.com/

Could anyone be surprised that the transgenderist lobby was first introduced, in both the UK and Canada (its testing-grounds), by the Conservatives?

I'm not.

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"Could anyone be surprised that the transgenderist lobby was first introduced, in both the UK and Canada (its testing-grounds), by the Conservatives?"

Please source some links. It's also interesting how Conservatives are trying to spin all this as "Liberalism" or "woke".

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I can't find the article where I read about the first transgenderist bill in Canada. When you do a search, you find that the transgenderist lobby has been VERY careful to bury any news contrary to its narrative. (It was probably in Jennifer Bilek's meticulous research on https://www.the11thhourblog.com/)

But I can tell you that the first transgenderist candidate in BC (the wokest province of the wokest nation) is a Conservative: https://twitter.com/HannahHodson28/status/1431050193588391938

At least two high-profile extremely dangerous right-wing men are transgenderist:



Malcolm Clark has talked about the UK's 1970s white supremacist TRA Derek/Della Aleksander: https://twitter.com/TwisterFilm/status/1704191924758855780 (more than just this one tweet--this was just the first one that came up in a quick search).

The Nazis were VERY big on male transgenderism: https://nationalpost.com/news/cross-dressing-nazis-a-german-artist-found-so-many-photos-of-them-he-published-a-book-about-it

And, according to a 2019 UK study, transgenderist men tend to be Conservatives:


You'll notice this is all about men. Because transgenderism is about male entitlement. That's what sexism is for.

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Forgot about Canada's mining magnate Robert Quartermain--who is the money behind a great deal of the transgenderism in BC, the transgenderist capital of Canada, which is the transgenderist capital of the world:


Unless you know BC, you might be fooled by Quartermain's financial contributions to the BC Liberal Party. That party in BC is conservative. It's a long and absurd story (you can look it up), but basically the liberals of BC left their own party, and the conservatives took it over, but no one bothered to change the name. So liberals in BC can't vote for their own Liberal Party. They have to vote NDP.

And if you're making financial contributions to the BC Liberal Party, you're making financial contributions to the major BC conservative party.

So Quartermain is a Conservative.

That confusion might even be why he's doing his transgenderist lobbying here.

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Your perspective is so valuable! Thank you for bravely sharing your story.

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This is so powerful. May you continue to heal every day!

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First, if no one has apologized for what you had to endure as a child, I am sorry. This is not pity; it is an honest apology. Second, thank you for your courage for writing & posting this piece. Third, I just learned that California in the US PASSED A BILL stating parents may LOSE CUSTODY of their child if they do not "gender affirm" him or her. Not affirming their child's gender identity will be tacked onto the current categories of child abuse. G-d help us.

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Thank you for expressing your thoughts and feelings regarding your thoughts,experiences and outrage. Your perspective is valuable. You expressed thoughts and feelings I have also had about the issue.

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Really good piece. Echoes my thoughts too, as a child abuse survivor. I find it infuriating that after years of therapy and finally mine and other women’s voices being heard (remember MeToo?), we are now being silenced when we can clearly see the abuse going on. As a survivor I also longer feel safe in the public sphere because I know a man can enter my space (toilets, hospitals, prisons, healthcare appointments, bra fittings, changing rooms - the list goes on and on) and I can’t protect myself. To all of you who are in this nightmare with your children, my heart goes out to you. I am keeping a very beady eye on my grandchildren and their parents are right up to date with what the dangers are, because i wont stop going on about it. Peace and love xxx

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I hope someday it will be mandated to report someone for child abuse if they tell a child they are born in the wrong body.

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BEAUTIFULL and ELOQUENTLY written and firstly I want to say THANK YOU from the depth of my soul for standing with us and secondly, i wont pity you as you have asked for us not to, however, I will say to you that I stand with you too and acknowledge that you have survived a terrible and unthinkable atrocity at the hands of someone who should be loved and cared for you. You are a shining example of the strength within the human capacity to overcome and thrive an incredibly horrifying experience. Like us parents, who have noon to report to becasue the the very authority we would report to is the evil behind the horror, you were in that same boat too with your mother. She was meant to be your protector and yet she was the one who hurt you.

This world is filled with evil and terrific desires if the flesh that fight against the spirit, I am comforted to hear you have put your faith innthe right place. It is that above ypur own strength that will help you overcome. I believe it is that too that is the sole strength as to how us parents can overmoe them is horrendous nightmare we find ourselves in.

This daily nightmare has made me know that evil truly existals and if evil exists, then my only hope is to believe that Good exists too and if wvil is from hell then good must be from heaven. So in God I trust 🙏❤🙏

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This is the most touching story I've read on PITT. Thank you for sharing your experiences and your outrage.

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Well done! It's silly to me to congratulate a person on growing up; getting past the things that wounded them and coming out on the other side stronger and wiser, and better able to serve the greater good. That's what you've done and I salute you. And I don't feel one bit sorry for you. God bless!

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Creating a faux phallus is more than repurposing labia skin. They skin off a section of ARM to make the fake peen, thus exposing another part of the body to chronic pain and disability.

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Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your spontaneous support. I am angry bording on rage too and I believe this will end my sanity. But to know that there are decent people out there, with their hands probably tied, civil servants, medical workers, actually on our side, is a relief.

My three children are captured and I have waited endlessly for the coin to drop, in vain. Meanwhile, abusers from all horizons who call themselves victims are lashing out at will.

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3 children captured! OMG. I have one of my two children captured. I hope you have found some support. But I understand that nothing truly soothes this monstrous loss. Shame on all who enable it. I also grqpple with anger toward those gaslit or indifferent.


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Shame on them yes! People push the trans ideology not because they believe in it, but to bully others into submission.

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Thank you for sharing your story. I am so sorry to hear of your abuse. I am grateful that you expressed:

"This is all backwards. My teachers never reported my parents. But they are reporting all of you, the parents I wish I had been given. You, the loving parents who actually want their children, do not deserve this. This is wrong. This is evil. The injustice is overwhelming. And I am angry in a way I thought I had dealt with many years ago. It borders on rage."

I have been discarded after 29 years of dedicating myself to my daughter because I have doubts about dismissing bipolar in favor of testosterone and mastectomy surgery. It is backwards...

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Thank you for sharing your experience. Brutal.

So important to address childhood trauma and it’s affect on brain development.

Tipped off to an excellent article on DBT. Fascinating and hopefully useful. A snippet:

“Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) can increase a youth’s ability to tolerate emotional distress, without becoming overwhelmed. DBT happens to be the gold-standard therapy for suicidal young adults with borderline personality disorder, also known as BPD, which is strongly related to early life trauma and frequently present in the population of gender distressed young people.”


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Thank you for sharing this. I love that you can see us parents of ROGD children as we are, recognizing that we aren't the abusers.

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