That schools are pushing transgenderism is terrifying. I am 100% convinced that in addition to creating a generation of lifelong medical patient$$$, this is a depopulation agenda. Climate change will greatly affect the planet's ability to grow food to harvest. Sterilize the kids now to reduce the # of "eaters." It's so obvious.

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It never worked for either sex. There was no golden age of the sexes. I'm sure completely loving and fulfilling marriages between women and men were as rare in the past as now. Different challenges that's all. Honestly, Spencer, you're indulging in romantic fantasies. I recently met a woman a few times in a zoom room who had emerged from a cult where they had 'traditional' marriages. She had baby after baby and all the women had to submit to their husband's wishes. One woman disobeyed her husband and was mysteriously beheaded by a motor car while on an errand. The cult, so the woman said, ( a late 20th century offshoot of Christianity, was under investigation for sexually abusing children. She and her husband had joined the cult so as to bring up their children without all the temptations and disruptions of secular life. They left. These ideas about returning to a golden age don't end well as a rule.

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The Documentary WHAT IS A WOMAN, by Matt Walsh is embedded within this post -https://sofasrus.substack.com/p/trying-it-on?s=w

- scroll down and you'll find it. Worth a watch -

I disagree with the film maker on many subjects - but this is a really good documentary, punching the genderwoo where it hurts. Laugh out loud as well in a couple of places.

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This is the logical conclusion of the breakdown of "traditional," gender roles and the patriarchy. You give the left an inch, they'll take their mile.

The left is a force of disintegration and chaos. Traditions of every kind are what they seek to destory and all our traditions are interrelated and interlocking.

This is a tough reality to accept. But "women's liberation," and gay marriage open the floodgates. And we won't close these floodgates until we restore things to way they were. Maybe not precisely as they were, but something close to it.

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Written so well; so much is familiar to our story, and coincidentally published on my estranged GD daughter’s birthday.

I am heartbroken, but still hopeful for a breakthrough of brains and maturity, but I’m afraid I still have to wait an awfully long time.

Thank You for writing this.

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Apr 24, 2022·edited Apr 25, 2022

Thanks for this excellent article, written with just the right combination of sympathy and disdain.

I too am old enough to remember the gender bending of Bolan, Bowie, The Sweet and many others. I bent a bit myself, but this was simply to join in with the general deconstruction of society’s norms and values, with particular focus on gender, which we regarded as based on power structures reproducing the usual toxic masculinity. We did not believe that the point was to find any true inner identity; we were much more “gender critical” than that. It is pretty obvious that the same arguments can be made today: just ask why TRAs and their spurious ideology are not doing the same, not opposing those cultural social and political forces reproducing gender roles, but looking inside for some mythical authentic self?

Looking back at the seventies through anachronistic eyes like this illustrates perhaps that there was still then a degree of collectivism contained in activist morality; these days no such thing exists, TRAs and the ideology they espouse is entirely narcissistic, bourgeois and not in the least radical. No government will fall when the trans revolution is complete, capitalism will not crumble. In fact many governments are enabling it; many manufacturers of trans related products, from chest binders to puberty blockers are making pots of money out of this.

Which brings me to the point when I become utterly enraged. Puberty blockers are the same drugs used to manage advanced prostate cancer, that is prostate cancer that has spread beyond the organ itself and is lodging in lymph and bone, the latter of which is among the more excruciating of pains I have ever experienced, with the exception of spinal cord compression. So these so called puberty blockers are absolutely necessary for chaps like me as we make our way along the road to the big unknown.

The side effects of these drugs are not insignificant. Oncologists know this but somehow this knowledge is not shared with gender therapists, who continue to assert or imply that these are happy clappy sweeties that will bring out the inner rainbow and offer solace to the unhappy gendered soul inside. In my opinion these medics should be struck off the register.

Hot and cold flushes, permanent emotional deterioration, intermittent crippling depression, altered ratios of fat to muscle, no libido at all and no functional sexuality. If you are in a happy loving and passionate relationship, these drugs present a particularly difficult series of challenges - no desire for the other at all, at the same time as continuing to love the other deeply, creates significant obstacles to the expression of the other’s desires, since the wonderful feedback between two bodies that initiates and intensifies the sexual dance between them simply cannot work with only one working sexuality. And if anybody mentions one of those pills, Cialis or Viagra, they simply turn a dick into a dildo that no matter how skilfully deployed, produce no desire and create no feedback to power any satisfactory outcome, let alone anything like good sex. Happily my wife and I have found ways of being married and in love but sexlessly. I say happily because the alternative would be splitting up, which we certainly do not want.

After nearly eight years using these drugs off and on, I have at least one slipped disc, too many cracked ribs to count, compressed vertebrae at L5 and T11, respectively just above the pelvis and just below the ribcage. Which means extremely limited mobility and the constant risk of further injury or collapse. To some extent metastatic hotspots have already weakened the bones, producing (apparently) the most intense pain of any that oncologists must try to manage. But collapsing vertebrae, like osteoporosis, is even worse and it is well known that these are a direct effect of GnHR agonists leeching minerals and weakening vertebrae. After about two years use, this is what these drugs will do to any body, be it inhabited by an insecure teenager looking for validation and new friends, or by grumpy sixty something men with advanced prostate cancer.

The fact is that what are sometimes regarded as last resort drugs in the management of prostate cancer, which are actually poisonous to regular bodies, are being given to teenagers with the glib claim they are not at all dangerous, fully reversible and leave no lasting damage, just so long as they are used for only two years. Lying in hospital for assessment of my pain and how best to subdue it, I roar internally with a fury against all the stupidity and hypocrisy of this bollocks!

This response to your work has gotten a bit long. And I could say so much more. Sorry about that. But it has to be shouted loud, early and often from every rooftop that puberty blockers are dangerous … and let’s not get started on the effects of blocking puberty on young lives!!

Thank you again so much for the lightness and humour of your words. Most inspiring. :-)

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These sites have been very interesting to read, and a breath of fresh air in many ways; I'm hardly the type of person to forego challenges to conventional "wisdom".

But on that note, I feel obliged to mention that there are actually people contesting the "teen brain" mantra; two of the most prominent being Robert Epstein and (more recently) Joseph Bronski.

Since the latter provides his (e)book for free download, here's the link: https://dokumen.pub/an-empirical-introduction-to-youth-1021810221.html

In a nutshell, in the sense that brain changes are observed after puberty, there is no "developed brain"; the only significance to 25 is that an influential study ended at that age, so was unable to show how long "development" continues for.

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Apr 21, 2022·edited Jul 2, 2022

I am one of these moms. My beautiful daughter who never ever showed any signs of being gender confused went to New York City from North Carolina to make the dream happen. After finishing school, all of which time she had boyfriends, suddenly announced she was Trans and skipped on down to Planned Parenthood. I began my research into gender dysphoria and encouraged her to seek counseling. My family and I made it clear this was not something we supported. Then the word came—someone convinced her she had always felt this way she just didn’t want anyone to know. She began cutting. When my mother confronted her, she said I did it in high school. Another lie. However, through her obviously biased therapy and PP, she has contrived this supposed life she had prior to coming out. We are a very involved family and come from a small village. If any of this were happening, it would be known. I started getting phone calls, voicemails, messages from so called friends and counselors that I should embrace her courage. Each time ready with the facts and truth, they finally stopped the calls seeing I would not bend to their ideals. The result, my once amazingly talented, beautiful daughter is transitioning to a man. It makes me throw up each time I think about it. I am a widow. My kids lost their dad to cancer when they were teenagers. So I know grief. What she is doing and the unending support from this trans community brings me to grieve for my child. Just as they convinced her to “know she is trans” this mother “knows she is not” and never has been. My pearl and bow wearing child is playing the role of her life like the great performer she is—and the fans are applauding her every scene. And we, her mother and family, are devastated. Fighting against the culture-virus that is claiming our healthy children. May God or whoever you believe in Have Mercy on our Souls. Shakespeare could not have written a more epic tragedy.

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Great article. The only thing I would add is that in some states the age of medical consent is less than 18, like in Oregon it is age 14!

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There's a difference between gender dysphoria and transvestism. Gender dysphoria is such a strong desire for (usually) a man to be a woman that he might perform his own surgery to become a woman. A transvestite is just a heterosexual male who likes to dress up and pretend he's a woman. Proof? Bruce Jenner still has his man-parts and will NEVER get the reassignment surgery that someone with true gender dysphoria would demand. Also, female inmates are getting pregnant now that trannies are being put in women's prisons. Those with true gender dysphoria are only about two/hundredths of one percent of the population and are never mentioned in pop culture. ALL trannies in the news and on TV are just cross-dressers with heterosexual orientations and more political clout than any other group there is.

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It's like my parents said to us, 'If your friends said to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge, would you do it?'

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This is a powerful, well researched article with amazing links. Thank you. Dr. Gallagher and the adults associated with the “Gender Cool Project” and "Minus 18" are "Category 5" as far as I am concerned - referencing an earlier PITT https://pitt.substack.com/p/international-right-to-truth-day?s=r :

"Be like Churchill at Tehran. Be picky. Prioritize. Distinguish between degrees of bad guys, and go after them accordingly, with appropriate tools:

Category 1: Polite persuasion, forgiveness, rapid reintegration

Category 2: Social/civil pressure

Category 3: Civil law

Category 4: Criminal law

Category 5: Maybe, just maybe, international crimes-against-humanity law."

"Hitler’s actions were perfectly legal."

"As Upton Sinclair said, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on not understanding it.”

"High-level professionals can and do commit crimes against humanity. A doctor who performs unethical human experimentation is a criminal. After the famous Nuremberg trial came twelve lesser-known "Subsequent Nuremberg trials." In the first, The Doctors' Trial, 21 of the 23 defendants were medical doctors. Sixteen were found guilty. Seven were hanged."

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Yes! That list that the kids wrote! this is truly heartbreaking and insane. I wake up in tears every day hoping that it’s all a bad dream. 💔

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Excellent and thorough!

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I would love to connect with those who consider themselves politically homeless around this. Not right wing and truly transphobic (hateful of trans people) but gays, lesbians, my fellow liberals, progressives who think we have all gone nuts. Any associations and advocacy groups? Facebook groups? When i have conversations with most of my progressive friends, they are actually in alignment with what you are saying here but they are reticent at sounding intolerant or transphobic because so much of this point of view is dominated by the extreme right wing. There needs to be a way for those like us to also be heard and show that we are a broad group.

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Apr 11, 2022·edited Apr 11, 2022

Don't forget to tell parents, many "experts" are misinformed- if you send your kid to am affirming gender therapist, they won't get therapy, they'll get agreement with their self diagnosis.

Great article by Levine et Al on misconceptions, segm has a summary: https://segm.org/informed-consent-affirmative-care

And lots of info at genspect.org/guidance about what support for these kids looks like.

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