I thought you might be interested in the following link at The Patriot Post: https://patriotpost.us/articles/96032-i-am-confused-jazz-2023-03-28

'I Am (Confused) Jazz'

When a boy has been assigned a female identity by the adults in his life, chaos and confusion inevitably follow. -- by Samantha Koch

This discusses the program "I am Jazz" about a little boy who was "Transgendered" before he was FIVE years old, and is now Twenty.

"A popular TLC show called "I Am Jazz" has documented the life of Jazz Jennings since 2015. The focus of this "reality" series has been to follow Jennings through the daily living of being a "transgender" child, teen, and now young adult."

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Maybe your son could date my daughter. She’s exactly the same. A straight girl trapped in a gay man’s body.🙄 Because social justice. Because “cishet” is the worst. 🙃

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'Not blaming men' and 'men are the problem.' I'm amazed that even a feminist could miss the non-sequitur there. You belong to a political movement that detests half the planet and thinks they should be erased or at least Helotised. Nobody, but nobody, should listen to anything you have to say.

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Jul 24, 2022·edited Jul 24, 2022

We should definitely not allow GSAs or any kind of Identity group in K-12 schools. Nothing good can come of it. In addition to the kids doing too much navel gazing and deciding they are pansexual and then have some "gender" there are straight forward predations:


"Michigan public school employee who advocated for LGBT curriculum arrested in pedophile sting

Posted on July 21, 2022 by Constitutional Nobody

41-year-old Eric Rohman, an employee of Mt. Pleasant Michigan’s public school system, was arrested after he was caught in a sting operation targeting pedophiles. The operation was run by the Isabella County Sheriff’s Office with assistance from the FBI and Michigan State Police.

Rohman’s arrest was particularly important as he worked in the public school system and was a strong advocate for LGBT+ curriculum being taught.

Rohman and two other individuals contacted law enforcement agents posing as minors over social media and arranged to meet for sex. They were then arrested at the meeting locations for using a computer to commit a crime and accosting a minor for immoral purposes. Rohman wasn’t shy about his political beliefs, sporting a “Black Lives Matter” T-shirt during an address to the school board.

Rohman began his address to the school board by saying, “My name is Eric Rohman. I am a resident, townie, taxpayer, vaccinated and functioning graduate of this high school, class of 1999, proud member of the LGBTQIA community, and an employee of Mt. Pleasant Public Schools.”

Rohman’s address then took a dark turn as he continued saying, “I can tell you this – they [children] are hungry for knowledge. They are so hungry for knowledge that despite your words, your wishes, your values, they will learn on their own. They’re gonna do it anyway, no matter what you say or do.”

That statement was addressed to parents who were furious at the clear grooming of children taking place in public schools around the nation.

Now it turns out that Rohman is a pedophile, further validating the fears that parents had about LGBT+ curriculum being taught in public schools."

But, the word "Groomer" has been removed from our language on Facebook and Twitter!

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Hi I did mean 'within Academia'. I have no issue with anyone having a political platform, but I don't think extremists should be supported financially and I don't think their views should be sanctioned by institutions of learning. Sorry if I was unclear.

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Thank you for sharing this. My heart goes out to you. Both of my daughters are trans social justice warriors too. One identifies as non binary but her younger sister likes to tell me that they are both “trans” because non binary fails “under the trans umbrella”. I’m told to just “deal

with it!” Ugh. This is such a damaging belief system and it seems like a lot of work to constantly be demonizing everyone around you.

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It starts with Justin Trudeau… amendment of the Constitution – of minors – without prejudice.

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Well said I agree completely.

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Thank you for sharing your story. Trans-warrior - so frightening but it explains what is happening all around us. Cult-like thinking is attractive to anyone searching for an answer - and the trans-ideology is no different! It is a snare and once trapped it is difficult to get free and the scars from being trapped are a life long reminder. Our innocent children, just like this author’s son is confused and has been brainwashed and influenced to think that his future self will be happier in this trans-world. We must continue this fight together - our innocent youths future depends upon our help as they do not realize what this fight entails. Their innocence is being stolen and we must do everything we can to protect, educate and help them. I pray for your son and that he will desist and not take the medication or do the surgery. Continue your brave fight! We are all behind you and I believe we will expose the lies.

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Imagine a utopian belief system that fills the heads of young women with the idea that being female is punishment. The same utopian belief system fills the heads of young males that they can't help punishing women.

So the young women want to be men and the men -- systemically filled with shame, escape it by being women.

Thus a huge percentage of the population -- demographically white and affluent for the most part -- follows the Pied Piper off the cliff into genocide.

The belief system promoted by "progressive" white people is a self-sabotaging belief system. It's the flagellants roaming from town to town during the Bubonic Plague. It's proof, also, that the 'educated' are merely tools of a sadistic church.

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Unfathomably unspeakable; 🆘 (RFS); dying inside.

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Where is all of this leading?

Gay Rights, Transgenderism, Gun Control, Climate Change, Big Vaccine, Obama Care: Single-Payer Health Care, Abortion, and the Leftist’s pro-Islam stance are all manifestations of implementing the NEW WORLD ORDER, ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, and AGENDA 21. They want the world population reduced by 80% to what they believe is a sustainable Five Hundred Million, thus killing off 7.1 billion people! It is all part of Population Control that the New World Order wants to achieve. These are some of the Leftist’s favorite ‘causes’. They are designed to reduce or partially eliminate the next generation! Gun Control is designed to eliminate any effective resistance and opposition when the NWO take-over is attempted.

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This also describes my daughter. Why is this new wave of teens claiming trans identity not being acknowledged as very different. If we can see this, why can't the medical community? Why is the public and school rushing to affirm these kids? Why is any contrary opinion being vehemently labeled transphobic. WHY IS THE LGBT COMMUNITY OK WITH THIS! If anything, this new movement undermines decades of progress for women and the LGBT community. It's NOT ok! Let the kids express themselves, yes I agree, but stop grooming them and encouraging them to medicalization for fucks sake. The schools and medical practitioners need to wake up. We need some lawsuits, because allowing and encouraging kids to receive experimental treatments that permanently alter them is criminal.

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This fits very well with the situation with my son. He hasn't communicated all the same things, but I've questioned if part of this is a way to try and reject what he views as toxic masculinity. I just hope that as maturity eventually arrives, so does a more balanced and complete understanding.

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Thank you for sharing. Here in the UK it seems to be our girls at risk so it is interesting to read your stories with boys. Autistic people are very susceptible and it is very worrying.

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If you're wondering if your son learned it at school see the article plus documents below (btw, not a fan of Chris Rufo or his tactics but this piece is pretty clear).


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