Thank you for sharing. What can we recover from this debacle? It often seems hopeless, but I can't allow myself to go there. Your story refuels my conviction to throw my weight in to helping other families facing this nightmare to have the knowledge and tools to protect our vulnerable children and young adults.

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Being new to this conversation, I have a question that has been troubling me. Is there much discussion of the lifelong dependence on hormone therapy that transitioning gender entails?? We seem to be moving into a future that is constrained by many things, climate, war, refugees, overburdened health care systems and a growing army of 'crazies' who's response to what they fear or disagree with is to 'not believe in it'. What happens to these medically created bodies when the medical aids disappear??? I'm assuming there are as yet no 'long term' studies that tell us the effects time will reveal for men who harbour uterus', or women with the interior plumbing designed for masculinity.

But if I'm not mistaken, there will be consequences. The Great Mother doesn't take deviations from her order lightly.......as the proponents of Big Ag, Big Pharma, Big Fossil Fuel extraction are already beginning to learn. Much as we may dislike the limitations biological sex has traditionally imposed on us...imagining there will be no 'downside' of changing our sex is more teenage fantasy than ecological reality. At least that is my suspicion.

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An industry is what it is. And they're not going to let moral scruples and medical ethics stand in the way of maximised profit.

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Those responsible need to die. If the law fails in its duty, the solution will be found outside the law. And the law will be fully responsible for their deaths

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Unbearably sad.

Another teenager mutilated and lost.

Shame on the medical profession.

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This is heart-wrenching, and spot on. How can we stop this train? I speak to all our health care providers, colleagues and friends, in the hopes of stalling this trend, but it's too slow for my kid.

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A tough read. I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through this. It’s unthinkable, I

still can’t believe we’re standing over this stuff.

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You are too generous, using the word "intellectual" to describe this phenomenon. It's a pretense of intellectualism.

What are the benefits of the Trans-gender movement?" To people for whom transitioning gender is the actual remedy for their condition, it's great. For others, like young people or other mentally and emotionally vulnerable people, it's a way to:

- be part of a trendy new movement,

- have a lot of friends,

- feel empowered against a scary world,

- avoid the difficult work of becoming an adult.

And for the radical Trans Advocates:

- Many people in the medical community can make a lot of money;

- Marketing people can better target their products and services, generating more sales;

- Those people who need to feel more important can pretend that they are "progressive" and changing the world for the better.

I feel for you. I hope there is eventually a good outcome for you and your daughter. I have two kids, a son and a daughter, who have embarked on this misguided path and blocked me from their lives. It's painful for everyone involved. In addition to my kids becoming "woke" to the ludicrous misuse of medical science and stopping their transitioning, I hope that responsible people in the government and the medical fields have the courage to enact sane regulations and protocols for gender transitioning, and actually use and enforce them.

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There are very few genuinely gender dysphoric people. Around 4%. But even this number is generated by gender non-conforming people who don’t understand why they don’t fit into societal sex / gender stereotypes. We are still taught girls / women are like this, boys/ men are like that. Not much in between. So they start believing they’re “ in the wrong body”. It’s a true tragedy and many of these young people will de-transition in future. But the damage to their bodies and minds is irreversible.

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So visceral. You’ve captured the anguish many moms like yourself, have experienced. The fracture of the mother-daughter bond. Beautifully written.

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