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Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans anthology book is coming out on August 14th, 2023. You can pre-order it now. Here is the Amazon link

We publish stories written and edited exclusively by parents with first-hand experience in the upside down world of gender ideology. Send your story to Pitt@genspect.org.

PITT is a space for parents that have been impacted by gender ideology to share their uncensored stories, experiences, and thoughts, while remaining anonymous to protect themselves and their families. Our objective is to inform the public about the devastating impact of gender ideology on our families through our personal experiences.

We believe that, when people understand the true picture, they will join us in ending the medicalization of identity for children, teens and young people.

Are you a parent of a trans-identified teen or young person and want a chance to tell your story? Please send us an email at pitt@genspect.org — we’d love to hear from you! Your stories should be told and we can help you do that. Please note that our essays are always anonymous (but written and edited by parents). Any names you see on bylines are pseudonyms. This is a global issue and our parent authors hail from around the world, including (so far) the United States, the UK, Australia, Ireland, Canada, Spain, South Africa, France, Italy, Poland, New Zealand and Latin America.

PITT is supported, in part, by Genspect, an organization committed to supporting parents’ voices. The views and opinions expressed on PITT are those of the parent-authors and do not necessary reflect the official positions of Genspect.

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