Question: what does it mean to be male or female, if unrelated to the body or to societal definitions of masculinity or femininity? Answer: you know, it means you feel male or you feel female. Question: What does male or female mean? Answer: you wouldn't understand, since you're "cis." Question: Why do you need to change your body just because you feel male or feel female if your body has nothing to do with it? Answer: because the mis-match is distressing. Question: why is the mis-match distressing if there is no link between the body and the identity? Answer: you wouldn't understand because you're "cis."

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If Gender Clinics actually followed Trans Rights rhetoric in treating 'gender dysphoria'...this is how it would go!


Patient: Hello, I'm here because I'm dysphoric.

Doctor: Well, what are you dysphoric about?

Patient: Well, I'm a male--

Doctor: AMAB you mean. Go on.

Patient: --y-yes, but I"m a woman inside --

Doctor: And outside. Transwomen are women.

Patient: -- o-of course! But basically I need tits to feel my true self.

Doctor:...Why? Transwomen are women.

Patient: Yeahhh, but women have tits and I dont, so I"m dysphor...

Doctor: Women don't need to have tits to be women.

Patient: O-Okay, but what about my dick? I at least want SRS--

Doctor: Women can have dicks. Also, men can get pregnant. Why are you dysphoric? It sounds like you don't understand what men and women are.

Patient: Well, true that women can have penises and men can have vaginas, but--

Doctor: Indeed, it is true. So your dysphoria is baseless. Now get out of my office.

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You nailed it.

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I have a collection, here are some:

a) “Puberty is an irreversible process. Trans children must be given puberty blockers as young as possible”

b) “Transwomen should compete in women’s sport because after 12 months of estrogen their bodies become female and not male.”

a) Woman is just an identity & linking biology to it, specifically female reproductive biology, is bigoted TERF rhetoric.

b) More than 90% of the respondents indicated that uterus transplant may improve quality of life in transgender women.

a) “No one says biological sex isn’t real”*

b) From the APA: “ “gender dysphoria,” which refers to psychological distress that results from an incongruence between one’s sex assigned at birth and one’s gender identity.”

*Chase Strangio, ACLU attorney

a) “They just want to be their authentic selves”

b) Being “authentic” requires ongoing hormone use, hair removal, genital reconstruction, breast augmentation, facial feminization surgery, voice modification therapy, etc.

a) Biological sex isn’t binary,

b) and yet, it’s AMAB and AFAB.

“Transmen” claim gender dysphoria causes them pain when hearing sexed terms like “breast-feeding”, yet not when actually breast-feeding.

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Terrific. A must share!

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