Your daughter is very lucky to have you and one day she will thank you. Keep her away from all the crazy affirming psychologist and teachers. Move if you need to save your daughter. She will outgrow this in a few years.

When I was a kid I loved being with the boys and had I been given the choice I am sure I would have said I wanted to be a boy. I was luck I never got the choice and I outgrew that stage by the time I turned 17. Today I am a very happy woman with all my parts.

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I feel that we need to address this "pronoun thing" head on. The bad guys have consultants in NYC:


"That’s why we ask cisgender people to lead the change by sharing pronouns. It normalizes the process, has little risk, and actually makes for a safer environment for everyone."

This has all the educators I know "using pronouns". Is there some way we could promote the opposite, truthful, message? This needs to be transmitted to all educators.

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Well written.

For what it's worth, when I was in high school, a junior, I lived in Key West, one of the eight Navy bases my father was assigned to. We were close, and Navy bases have swimming pools, which our family used consistently.

Key West has coral reefs with beautiful life-forms, and, being a bit of an Asperger's: way too smart, heavy reader, more a loner than a team member, I would swim home from the high school. about five miles, as a form of therapy from the inanity of classes. Key West is an island, and the locals are very insular- bigoted and homophobic at the time.

Oddly enough, I grew quite resentful of my body, because I couldn't stay under water permanently. It wasn't puberty that bothered me, it was circumstance.

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Easier to give a child a PTSD diagnosis than help by exploring root causes of dysphoria. I wonder if children will get PTSD diagnoses if we fail to call them by their chosen name and pronouns.

Solution is hormones and surgery. Simple, no talking required. Just what the pharmaceutical companies want.

This is eugenics. Our children are not being given a chance if they will not be able to access talking therapies. We have to stop the government introducing the “conversion therapy” bill.

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I wish I knew how to find a therapist who wouldn't just see transitioning as the solution to complex mental health issues. Do they even exist anymore?

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Thank you…

for answering your daughter’s call

for asking aloud the right questions

for seeing truth beyond the fog

for showing others they are not alone

for leading the way

This is the beginning of a new path forward.

The medical community and therapists ARE stepping up in large part because of parents like YOU. Blessings.

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These are truly inconvenient truths.

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Thank you for your brave and honest words. I agree with every single word

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