No one regrets medical transition, or if they do it’s because they weren’t *really* trans? Correct. These kids are not *really* trans (except in their deluded little minds). Which is precisely why they will regret medical "transition" - i.e the butchering of their bodies.

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we are living a medicalized - internet induced nightmare.

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Note that the wpath standards of care are in fact only practice guidelines, see the peer reviewed letter by Malone et Al, https://academic.oup.com/jcem/article/106/8/e3287/6190133 :"Unlike standards of care, which should be authoritative, unbiased consensus positions designed to produce optimal outcomes, practice guidelines are suggestions or recommendations to improve care that, depending on their sponsor, may be biased."

These guidelines were rigorously reviewed by Dahlen et al 2021, recommendation to use yes? 0. No? 5. If modified?1.

If you read them you'll see why.

New ones are coming out but judging by the endocrine society policy document that helped inspire that letter above, it may not be any better.

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