This wall between my children and myself is constructed by society. They are all on the autistic spectrum. Society blames mothers when children lack “social skills”. I always felt blamed by social workers and other ignorant people. My youngest aged 15 became selectively mute as did her sister at that age. No more talking to me. Her sister had received treatment for anorexia at that age. This child was in the new era of gender fantasy. She cut me off as she fled home to join the trans cult.

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Your article deeply touched me, so I thank you. The desire for sincere, open communication with my daughter I fear is far removed from my current reality. My heart breaks.

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I can feel your pain and i see my pain in it as well...

All my 28 years of life invested only for children seems to be a waste...

All my pain that took me closer to death and back during labor without epidural and the labor complications are all a mockery now, , nor its of any value today... its all meaningless...

All that pain was endured for the love for my child, the flawless beautiful flower ...as it entered this world...

Never to realise later the same flawless flower, was going to pierce a dagger thru your heart...and rip you apart...

Whom to blame... soxial media. internet and you tube has taken children away from family values and the love ❤️..no control over content...

Anything and every new insane ideology is becoming a norm...

Can people not think dont they have conscience...

Who is dping this greater harm to the children

What's their agenda.. why are they sterilizing all the children ?

Breaking famies....

Whom to blame

Whom to blame...

I might die in this process to save my child.... as i know there's nothing clinically wrong with my child...🙏

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Organizations like Columbia University have a vested interest in inserting gender ideology into classrooms, as they make a lot of money on transgender procedures. Check my article for more details and call them out! https://open.substack.com/pub/justingaffneysamuels/p/columbia-doctors-must-stop-mutiliating?r=6512g&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web

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"The Real Story Behind Drag Queen Story Hour

Aimed at children, the phenomenon is far more subversive than its defenders claim."



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Our kids are kids. It's not really their fault. They should be allowed to grow up without all this interference followed by medicalization. The first thing cults do is tear people away from those who love them. It is also what pedophiles do.

What has happened to our society that our government elevates people with obvious personality disorders? Levine and Briton are obvious examples.

"Controversial energy official charged with stealing woman’s luggage at MSP

The MIT grad went viral earlier this year when he announced his new role as the deputy assistant secretary of the Office of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the U.S. Department of Energy. "


He can afford his own women's clothing, and he obviously is not embarrassed to "act out". I assume there is a greater sexual high in appropriating the clothing truly belonging to an actual woman.

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We share the pain because we are non affirming?? Do you all use the new name & pronouns? My family seem to think the pain would lessen if I would try & do this, that I have no choice. My son is 25yrs old. But if I do this I will go insane. Hence I will not buy into the lie & as a result I am blocked & vilified. Where do they find the strength to do this, I would never treat my mother like this, I couldn’t bear the loss

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Brilliant article! The walls are evil with not a shred of parental love or rights respected by governments and medical professionals we used to trust.

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Living with the wall is excruciating! I long to have deeper conversations with my daughter but, I don't just to keep the peace. I is so sad. Thank your for sharing your writing. Sending light and hope.

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There are so many of these walls now. The world has changed and we are struggling to ascend those barriers to have access to our children. What will become of us? Sometimes it is just too difficult for parents to keep going.

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Beautifully said. I sincerely hope your child reads this and recognizes you for who you are. I don't know what is going on. These changes come so fast. I just saw Matt Walsh commit to watching a whole season of Anime. We have to surrender to what is new and digest it with appetite. A bridge can be build, even under water. Just think of everything as a metaphor. You are doing fine. Surrender, be curiously polite and yet know why you have your skin on your body. Protect yourself against these weird dogmas and speak of integrity. Integrity of body and soul. Sex may be more on the physical side and gender more on the spiritual, although our true identity is beyond all this. Surrender to the love you feel and the pain you fear. Just be honestly true to what you feel life is all about and without prejudice, share when invited to share. Love when invited to love, but fear not hate, not your own hate and worries, your fear and confusion, but also not theirs. Something valid is in all our unique perspectives. Love.

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We all trusted our longstanding institutions because that's what we were taught to do, and because that trust used to be warranted. But while we all were busy just trying to be good parents, our institutions changed. They used to work FOR and WITH us, now they work against us and against our relationships with our kids. I trust nothing and no one except for my husband, and two brothers who are opposed to the damage that is being done. All faith in the media, medicine, education, government, and even religion is gone for me.

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I’ve been calling this my hellish nightmare from the beginning, five years of pain and suffering for me and I don’t see a way out. It’s ruining lives. It’s ruining families. It’s ruined governments, it’s run over the medical field. It’s ruined education. It’s ruined the world!!! How do you stop it, HOW?

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We need to drive the LGBTQ people back into the closet. They will never be content to live their own lives and leave other people's children alone.

Public displays of sexually deviant behavior need to be prohibited in order to protect children.

Until society abandoned the "love is love" mantra we will continue to see confused children descend into mental illness and wreck their bodies with hormones and irreversible surgeries.

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I am so moved by this piece of writing. Thank you, dear loving parent.

It fuels my continuing desire to talk with people, listen, create discussion, share information, and all the things we are hoping will change the course of events.

Your love is the most important force, even if it may seem presently to not be enough.

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The same wall that has grown between son and myself. The same feeling of desperation praying that this wall will crumble down and somehow we can smile, laugh and create memories once again.

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